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red or blue litmus paper.

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Q: What would you use to see if a solution was acid or base?
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Of a solution refers to the ease with which an acid or base forms ions in solution?

The term that refers to the ease with which an acid or base forms ions in solution is strong or weak acid or base.

How do you know when an insoluble salt is formed by an acid base neutralization?

Generally it will precipitate out of solution so you can see it.

Why is a white tile used in an acid - base titration?

It makes it easier to see the colour change in the solution after it reaches its endpoint.

Why do you need to test solutions with Blue litmus paper and red litmus paper?

So you can tell if the solution is an acid or a base

In the reaction NH3 plus H2O - NH4 plus OH- the base would be?

The answer would have to be H2O because if you use red litmus paper to the solution it would turn blue and this would indicate an basic solution. Therefor NH4+=Basic solution H2O is considered an acid. If you still have trouble type up "Table Of Acids And Bases". You'll see for your self in fact that it's an Basic solution.

What would u see if excess cobalt oxide is warmed with some hydrochloric acid solution?


Is NaHS strong or weak Acid?

NaHS is known as an acid salt which acts as a "buffer". Therefore, it really depends on the solution and not just NaHS itself since an acid salt can be at times an acid and at times a base. Source: Acid Salt see link below:

What does a litmus paper do on juices?

see if its an acid or base

What test can you know if it is a acid or base?

use a universal indicator or add an acid to see the results

What is the Chemical name for an acid base indicator?

there are many types of acid base indicators - see chart at Common indicators: Methyl orange - acid=red, base=orange Bromcresol green - acid=yellow, base=blue Bromphenol blue - acid=yellow, base=blue Phenolphthalein - acid=colorless, base=red it is also easy to use litmus paper - acid=red, base=blue

Is water needed to see if it is an acid or an alkali?

Yes, because the pH is measured in a solution.

How to make hibiscus a indicator?

take a few hibiscus petals and boil it in water for 5-10 mins or till the water becomes reddish. then mix this solution with acid and base and see the colour change