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only chris Jericho, John Cena, triple h, Shawn micheals, undertaker, the miz, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, and mr. Kennedy are confirmed but any superstars that were there before wrestlemania 24 should be there.

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Can you import all wrestlers and divas and all new down loadable wrestlers like Vader into legends of WrestleMania?

Only the wrestlers on smackdown vs raw 2009 and you have to have svr 2009.

Who is in SvR 10?

wrestlers from 2009 and legends and new guys that just joined wwe

What is the limit of created wrestlers you can have in svr 08?

30 wrestlers

What is better svr 2008 or svr 2009?

svr 2008 2009 is not really good but it is up to u

All tna wrestlers for svr 08?

i dont get your answer was it are TNA wrestlers in smackdown vs raw 2008 weel if it was sorry the are not but you can create them

Where can you download SVR 2009 PC game?

Where will SVR 2009 be available. can we download it

Is Bobby Lashley in SVR 2009?

yes bobby lashly is on svr 2009 . I know because ive got svr he isert coz he was he is not in the real WWE

Can you get the punjami prison match in svr 2009 for xbox 360?

sorry no, Punjabi Prison is not on SvR 2009

What do you do after WWE svr 11 is all done?

play matches and see all the wrestlers finisher

How do you create a Kurt angle caw on svr 2010?

There are websites that give formulas on how to create wrestlers.

Can superstars from SVR 2008 be tranfered to SVR 2009?

No i'v tried

Will SvR 2012 for PS3 have a transporter in it so you can transport other Wrestlers from older games into SvR 2012?

No one know yet... But that is a great idea! I hope so that would make the game alot better who needs to create Wrestlers when you can transport them in the game....

Which wrestlers on WWE svr 2010 will be downloadable?

So far, no announcement. There were rumors about Yoshi Tatsu. FALSE!

Does SvR 2009 have net play?


How do you unlock wrestlers WWE svr 10 wiii?

It is a bit obvious you have to fight and gain points/money I think .

When does SvR 2009 release?

November 09 2009 in USA

How o you get Randy Orton to old in svr 2009?

Randy Orton is 29 in SvR 09

How do you unlock wrestlers on svr 2011?

you keep winning one on one matches on wwe universe and win wrestlemania challanges

How do you make Kurt angle in svr 2010 on xbox 360?

Look on a website that gives formulas for caws.(create a wrestlers)

When will svr 2010 come out?

December of 2009

Are there any championship codes for svr 2009?

no no

How do you download wrestlers' theme song to a playstation 2?

First go to google type in: ThemesforWWE, click on 1st site, then go to the name of your game svr 08, svr 09... then press download

How do you unlock jimmy snuka in svr 2011?

I played that game and unlocked all the wrestlers and I never saw Jimmy Snuka on that game

What video games have Shawn Michaels?

In order from oldest to newest: Smackdown! Shut your mouth Smackdown! 2 Raw Smackdown VS Raw 2005 SVR 2006 SVR 2007 SVR 2008 SVR 2009 SVR 2010 and maybe SVR 2011, not sure due to his retirement.

Does lita and trish will be in SVR 2009?

No they will not be in Smack Down vs Raw 2009