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Writing should be about conveying a message, story, persusasion, research, or any kind of written vow. Writing should be about communication, getting your point across. It shouldn't be about putting words on paper. Writing was meant to paint a picture for the mind. Writing was created by the people that couldn't draw as an alternative in the link of communication. Signed, The future youngest writer in America

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During which stage of the writing process should you focus on improving the characteristics of effective writing?

All of the above

Which qualities are found in good writing?

In general, good writing has the following qualities:Focus - the writing should be about one topic, and not jump all over in a confusing mannerDevelopment - the story or paragraph should progress in a logical manner and lead the reader toward the endUnity - every part of the writing should pertain to the main ideaCoherence - the writing should make sense to the reader and "flow" smoothlyCorrectness - the writing should be in proper English, with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

How Egyptian writing is different from Sumerian writing?

first of all, your teacher already said it but you didnt listen and you should just read your book if you have it

How should a title of a book look when writing?

The title is the last thing you do. Book tiles change all the time while the writing is going on.

Can writing paper be flushed down the toilet?

No, not all writing paper breaks down in water in the same way. It definitely should not be flushed.

When writing December 2010 do you put a comma in between the month and year?

Yes, there is usually a comma. If you choose not to use a comma then you should remain consistent. For example, if you're writing an academic paper and using lots of dates then they should either all have commas or they should all have no commas.

How should conflicts in team writing be resolved and why should these techniques be appropriate?

how should conflicts in team writing be resolved?

What are at least three practices you should follow when writing to your facilitator versus writing to your friend?

When writing to your facilitator, you should be more formal in your writing than when writing to a friend. You should include the date and return address at the top of the letter, just as you would when writing a professional letter. A closing phrase, such as "sincerely," should also be included.

What should you write about in a poem?

when writing a poem you should express all of your ideas and all your thoughts. You should write a love poem and add cute things to it like i love you baby. But it all depends on what you wanna write about.

In letter writing what all do you capitalize on To Whom It May Concern?

It should be: To Whom It May Concern:

What things you should know about Japan when you are writing a story set in Japan? should know about the manner ... its all about what you want to write

What major should you have if you are interested in film and writing?

You should major in English first of all, because you want good spelling, grammar and a wide vocabulary. Do not take Creative Writing. If you do it could result in you not even becoming a creative writer. It would make you lean more to being a creative writing teacher. There are programs in technical writing and professional writing, and that will help you tremendously. For creative writing, it doesn't matter what your major is.

What is Pres be?

The meaning of "PRES" abbreviation is president, often used in informal writing about the President of the United States. In all formal writing, the full word should be used.

Do you indent only the first paragraph?

The beginning of every paragraph should be indented in all formal writing.

When writing you should aim for all of your sentences to follow the same sentence structure True False?


What is a certain skill that all people should have?

Reading Writing Breathing Speaking Etc. common sense.

Should I'm be capitalized?

For purposes of all educational writing such as essays, theses and reports, I'm should always be capitalised. The personal pronoun "I" is always capitalised, and so all contractions commencing with "I" should also be capitalised.

Should you be worried about writing a sex story at the age of 14?

If you like writing then why should it matter what type it is? Also writing a sex scene might exite you sexually, that's not strange at all though considering your age it might be best not to share it with too many people. P.S. I'm 13 and I am planning on writing something like that too

What kind of verb should not be used in formal business writing?

The verb phrasal should not be used in formal business writing.

What should you never do when writing a process essay?

You should never provide a bulleted list of instructions when writing a process essay

Which was the purpose of Lincoln Gettysburg Address?

The purpose of writing the Gettysburg Address was to tell people that all men are created equal and should all have freedom!!

What stage in the writing process should a writer target errors in their writing?


Which stage of writing should you never skip or skimp on?

when writing a scrip for a porn.

Can you say you used your common sense in a bibliography?

No. It is (or should be) taken for granted in all academic writing that you 'used your common sense'. The bibliography should list all sources - books, articles and websites, etc.

Why should you avoid you in academic writing?


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