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1951 Model 37

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Q: What year and model is an Ithaca Single Barrell Shotgun serial number 401749 T?
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What is a carrero astelarra single and barrell shotgun worth?

45-90 USD

What the value of 20 gauge single barrell ERA shotgun?

50-100 USD

Who made the 410 single barrell shotgun sold by Kmart?

H&R / Harrington & Richardson

What is the value of a single shot 410 Ithaca gun made in Ithaca New York?

m-66single shot 3inch410 shotgun

Can any one tell me if they made a 16 gauge in a Ithaca model 66 shotgun?

The Ithaca model 66 single shot shotgun that was made from 1963-1978 was offered in 12ga,20ga and 410 gauge only.

Central Arms Co. St. Louis 12 Gage Single Barrell?

yes it is a single barrell

What is the value of an Ithaca 12 gauge single trigger double barrel shotgun?

We need more info. Is the single trigger selective or not? Does it have a vented rib and/or automatic ejectors? How about a beavertail forearm? The first single trigger used by Ithaca wa made by the Infallible Trigger Co. and was offered after 1914 in the Flues variation. That was replaced by the New Ithaca Double in 1926. In both variations, Ithaca produced 8 different grades, which all have different values. And in every case, value is completely dependent upon original condition. In short, your shotgun, in working order, is worth somewhere between $100 and $40,000.

When was the Model 37 single shot shotgun made?

The Ithaca Model 37 was first introduced in 1937, and has been in continuous production since. See for more history, and the current versions of this venerable shotgun.

What is the value of a 12ga JC Higgins breakaway barrell?

Assuming you mean a top break shotgun, there were several models, prices will vary. For a single barreled top break, about $70-$75

What is the year of a Ithaca 12 gauge shotgun serial number 154445?

Double barrel? Single barrel? Model? Need more information in order to be able to answer.

What is the value of a Ithaca model M68 super single 12 gauge shotgun?

That really depends on the condition. Take it to a gunsmith or appraiser or go to to get an idea of what they are selling for.

What is the value of a 20 gauge Ithaca shotgun Model 66 single shot lever action shotgun?

what i did to get an idea on what it "could" be worth, is to look up online stores that have them, and compared mine to them. they have prices listed so i guesstimated mine.

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