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He died on February 15, 1999. september 22,2004

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Q: What year did Big Boss Man die?
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How did WWE superstar big boss man die?

Big Boss Man Died by a Heart Attack in his home in Georgia

Did Big Boss Man Die?

Yes, the Big Boss Man died of a heart attack in Georgia on 2004 September 22.

How did big boss man die?

No, Big Boss man Did not commit suicide. He Had a heart attackIt is reported that he had a heart attack at his home in Georgia.

How did WWE big boss man die?

heart attack when his sister visited him in acworth georgia 22nd of september 2004 he was 41 rip Ray taylor eg big boss man

Did big boss man die when the undertaker hung him?

no it was a planned stunt that was rehearsed ahead of time

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