What year did Shakira come out?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What year did Shakira come out?
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What year did Shakira come to birth?


How come Shakira does not wear shoes?

Yes, Shakira does wear heels.

Where did Shakira come from?

Barrenquilla, Colombia

Where does Shakira come from?

She comes from Lebanon

What is Shakira's year active?

Shakira has been active since 1990 to present day.

When will Shakira monster mansion come out on inkagames?

weit nicht

Which spanish speaking country in south America does Shakira come from?


When does shakira's new CD hot news come out?

october 13th

How mouch Shakira income every year?

53200000 usd

What year did Shakira have her plastic surgery?

1990 or 1999 I thinks so

When did Shakira die?

Shakira is not dead. She is still alive. And we hope always be alive!

Is Shakira a cool name?

Shakira is a cool. I wish i could be called Shakira