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Q: What year did i garduated from high school if im 52 years old?
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What year would you graduate high school if you was born in 2016?

Add 18 to 2016 and you will get the approximate year. This is assuming you do your school years without repeating a grade or that you do 4 years in high school. Some people take 5-6 years to graduate high school.

How long is a Chinese school year?

6 years,splited into two phases:middle school and high school. College year is 4 years (medic 5 years).

How many years in a typical American school year?

K-12 is the number of years needed to graduate high school. 180 days in a school year. S

What would year 9 be in Scotland?

Scottish schools have seven years at primary school, and four, five, or six at high school. Year 9 in England is the 9th year at school, so it equates to 2nd year at high school.

What if you miss a year of high soccer can you play in your 5th year?

No. Only four years are allowed at the high school level.

Are you likely to succeed in college if you graduate high school in four years?

If you went to a three-year high school like I did, probably not.

Do colleges look at how many years you took to graduate from High School?

yes they check all academic year in high school

How many days in a school year in nsw Australia?

At 4 years old, children can go to Kindergarten (not called Kindy all throughout Australia. Sometimes referred to as Preschool). THIS IS NOT COMPULSORY. At 5, children start school. Generally there is 8 years of Primary School. Some states have students start High School or a Middle School before Year 8. In South Australia, Primary School is Reception (First year) to Year 7 (Last year of Primary School) and then move onto High School from Year 8-Year 12.

What are the names of the years?

1st year: freshman 2nd year: sophomore 3rd year: junior 4th year: senior ***They are the same as the years in high school***

What year would you graduate high school if you were born in 1990?

I am 42 years old what year would I graduate form high school

When is GPA more important in junior year or senior year?

Colleges take grades from all four years of high school into account, so a high school student's grade point average (GPA) is equally important in each year of high school.

What is Education in Switzerland?

2 Years Kindergarden 5/6* Years Primary School/Middle School 4 Years High School * Depending of State: 1 Year more.