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The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621.

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Q: What year did people celebrate Thanksgiving?
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Do people in England celebrate Thanksgiving?

No, people in England do not celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving.

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico?

they don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

How do you people in Spain celebrate Thanksgiving?

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an American holiday.

Do people in turkey celebrate Thanksgiving?

They DO celebrate Thanksgiving in Turkey. They celebrate the same way we do.

Do people in Ireland celebrate Thanksgiving?

Americans and Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving.

What festivals do the Turkish people celebrate?

Bajram,Easter,Thanksgiving,New Year

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving?

People celebrate Thanksgiving by eating and being with their families. They also give thanks on Thanksgiving.

Do people in France celebrate Thanksgiving?

no they don't celebrate Thanksgiving .

Who were the first people to celebrate Thanksgiving?

The first people to celebrate Thanksgiving were the Pilgrims and the Indians.

What percentage of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving each year?

Probably 95 to 99% of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Atheists, and the homeless people living on the streets, unable to get a special meal on Thanksgiving, are probably the only Americans who do not celebrate the holiday. Even vegetarians who eat a no poultry, or meat, dish on Thanksgiving will probably celebrate the holiday.

How do the Brazilian people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Brazilians don't celebrate thanksgiving

How do most people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Most people celebrate Thanksgiving by getting together with their families and having a big Thanksgiving dinner.

Do Japanese people celebrate Thanksgiving?

No. Thanksgiving is an American holiday.

Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe?

Yes!People all over Europe celebrate Thanksgiving.

Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Guatemala?

Actually Yes they Do Celebrate thanksgiving In Guatemala I vacationed There Last year And They Had Wonderful Food & Music.

Do Chinese people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Yes, Chinese people also celebrate Thanks Giving Day.

How do jamaica people celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is an American and Cadadian holiday only they dont celebrate it

How do people in Ecuador celebrate Thanksgiving?

They don't. thanksgiving is an American holiday

How do people in Italy celebrate thanksgiving?

italians don't celebrate thanksgiving. they don't even have a "thanksgiving day". most of them have never heard about that.

Do Catholics celebrate Mother's Day?

Yes, Catholics do celebrate Mother's Day each year. Catholics celebrate every holiday that other people celebrate such as Thanksgiving and 4th of July.

In which month people celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

In the US, November is the month to celebrate Thanksgiving.

When do you celebrate Thanksgiving every year?

You celebrate thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday of November. I happens every year. Usually the celebrating takes place at night with lots of food.

What do people in Turkey eat on Thanksgiving?

In Turkey they don't celebrate thanksgiving.

Do people in Argentina celebrate Thanksgiving?

No. Thanksgiving is only celebrated in America.

Who does not celebrate Thanksgiving?

Most of the countries in the world do not celebrate a holiday called Thanksgiving. Those that do celebrate or observe Thanksgiving are: Canada, United States, Libya, The Netherlands and Norfolk Island. It is unusual to find people in the U.S. or Canada who do not celebrate Thanksgiving.