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Q: What year did people first cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
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How did the Sydney Harbour Bridge affect Sydney?

It helped Sydney expand allowing people to cross easily from south Sydney to North Sydney.

What kind of lake does the Sydney harbor Brudge cross?

Sydney Harbour Bridge crosses Port Jackson.

How many cars go over the Sydney Harbour Bridge per week?

around 15,000 people every day and 25,000 on the weekends

What body of water does the Sydney harbor Brudge cross?

The top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge stands 134 metres above the harbour. Its total length, including approach spans, is 1149 metres and its arch span is 503 metres. At 48.8 m wide, it was the widest bridge in the world up until 2004.

How many people worked on the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

There were about 1400 workers overall who helped in the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sixteen of these men died during construction. The two main designers were:Chief engineer JCC BradfieldEngineer Sir Ralph Freeman

Why is the Sydney harbour bridge called Sydney harbour bridge?

Arch bridges are one of the world's most ancient bridge forms. The arch gives the bridge its essential strength. Between the engineer of the Sydney Harbour bridge, Ralph Freeman, and the designer, JCC Bradfield, this was seen as the best option for the purpose. Freeman felt that since the purpose of the bridge was to cross a wide harbour which often saw some fairly wild weather, the arch shape would be the most stable. Originally, the bridge's designer, JCC Bradfield, proposed a suspension bridge, then a cantilever bridge, which was the first proposal accepted. After that, Bradfield turned his sights towards an arch bridge, after travelling overseas and seeing the developments in light steel which made a steel arch bridge such a possibility.

What was the purpose of the Brooklyn bridge?

It connects the two halves of a very large city.Sydney Harbour Bridge joined the city of Sydney (at Dawes Point) to the North Shore (at Milsons Point) obviating the need to travel by ferry or make a substantial trip around the harbour foreshores towards Parramatta and back. It has an arch shaped structure. Due to these reasons it is important to Sydney .

How did the Sydney harbor Bridge change Sydney's transport system?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge changed the transportation of Sydney by allowing more rapid access between the North Shore and the central business district, which previously relied on ferries, or motorists had to travel the long way around. Rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic now cross the bridge.

How was the Auckland harbor bridge built?

It was built to cross the Waitemata Harbour.

When was the Sydney Harbour Bridge built?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is significant for being the largest steel arch bridge in the world, though not the longest, with the top of the bridge standing 134 metres above the harbour. At 48.8 m wide, it is the widest bridge in the world (as of 2004). Construction of the bridge began in 1924, and took 1400 men eight years to build at a cost of £4.2 million. Sixteen lives were lost during its construction, while up to 800 families living in the path of the proposed Bridge path were relocated and their homes demolished when construction started. It is also significant for how it was constructed. The arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built in two halves cantilevering from each shore and tying each half back by steel cables that were anchored into U-shaped tunnels excavated into the sandstone rock. Construction of the two halves of the arch began late in 1928, and the two halves were properly joined around 10pm on 19 August 1930. The Sydney Harbour Bridge provided a vital link for the city of Sydney across the harbour. Before it was built, the only way to travel between the southern side of the harbour, where the city centre is, and the residential north, was by ferry, or by taking a circuitous, 20 kilometre road route involving five bridge crossings. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is also significant because it is where the 28 May 2000 People's Walk for Reconciliation took place. The walk began at North Sydney station and finished at Darling Harbour, and involved some 250,000 people walking across Sydney's Harbour Bridge to show their support of the process of Reconciliation between Aboriginal Australians and white Australians.

What led to the development of different culture groups in America?

The greater availability of low-cost products

Why was the iron cove bridge constucted?

The Iron Cove Bridge was constructed because it had to cross the Iron Cove River, this was to improve Sydney's development.