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Q: What year did people first cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
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What lake does the Sydney harbour bridge cross over?

The answer is in the question - Sydney Harbour - a harbour not a lake

How did the Sydney Harbour Bridge affect Sydney?

It helped Sydney expand allowing people to cross easily from south Sydney to North Sydney.

What is the function of the sydney harbor bridge?

To enable people to cross the harbour in a vehicle or on foot.

How many cars cross the Sydney Habour Bridge in one day?

1 car cross the Sydney Harbour bridge in one century

What kind of lake does the Sydney harbor Brudge cross?

Sydney Harbour Bridge crosses Port Jackson.

How many vehicles go on the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Figures in 2001 showed that almost 160 000 vehicles use the Sydney Harbour Bridge every day. This is despite the fact that the Sydney Harbour tunnel was built in 1992. It also doesn't take into account the number of trains that cross the bridge on the two railway lines each day.

What body of water does the Sydney harbor Brudge cross?

Sydney harbour

How did the Sydney harbor Bridge change Sydney's transport system?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge changed the transportation of Sydney by allowing more rapid access between the North Shore and the central business district, which previously relied on ferries, or motorists had to travel the long way around. Rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic now cross the bridge.

How was the Auckland harbor bridge built?

It was built to cross the Waitemata Harbour.

Why was the Sydney Harbour Bridge built?

It was built to connect the central business district of Sydney with the populated areas on the North Shore of Sydney and create a direct route across the harbor. Ferries also cross the waters of Port Jackson.To speed up travel from one side of the Harbour to the other. It would have been horrible having to get your loads all the way around it all the time, it isn't the smallest thing.It was built to let people cross to the other side rather than driving right around to get to the other side

Why is the Sydney Harbor Bridge shaped as an arch?

Arch bridges are one of the world's most ancient bridge forms. The arch gives the bridge its essential strength. Between the engineer of the Sydney Harbour bridge, Ralph Freeman, and the designer, JCC Bradfield, this was seen as the best option for the purpose. Freeman felt that since the purpose of the bridge was to cross a wide harbour which often saw some fairly wild weather, the arch shape would be the most stable. Originally, the bridge's designer, JCC Bradfield, proposed a suspension bridge, then a cantilever bridge, which was the first proposal accepted. After that, Bradfield turned his sights towards an arch bridge, after travelling overseas and seeing the developments in light steel which made a steel arch bridge such a possibility.

How many cars cross over Sydney Harbour Brudge in one day?

About 160 000.

Why was the iron cove bridge constucted?

The Iron Cove Bridge was constructed because it had to cross the Iron Cove River, this was to improve Sydney's development.

How many people cross the Golden Gate Bridge per day?

Anywhere from one to four million people cross the bridge each day.

Who was the last to cross the land bridge?

the last people to cross the bridge were the natives to the Russian/Alaskan areas..

How is a bridge related to a river?

a bridge helps people cross the river

What does the Sydney harbor Brudge look like?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has an arch shaped structure. It is the longest span bridge in the world. Bridge length is 1,150 m. There are two large sandstone pylons at each end, a heavy criss cross steel arch arcs across from the middle of these pylons. Many steel hangers about 1 foot square hang down from the arch to support the steel deck. The deck has 8 lanes for traffic, two rail lines a foot way and a cycleway. You can find some pics on the link below.

How tall is Sydney Cross?

Sydney Cross is 4' 1".

What do people build to cross deep rivers or valleys?

A bridge.

Why did early people cross the land bridge?

On foot.

Does people cross on the Golden Gate Bridge?


Why people visit to golden gate bridge?

some people visit san fransisco so they use the bridge to cross to the city

How many people cross the Sydney harbor Brudge per year?


What is a cross bridge?

a bridge that is shaped like a cross

How much do people pay money on toal of London bridge?

London Bridge in London is free to cross.