Juan Ponce de Leon

What year did ponce de leon go to Florida?


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Some people say it is 1513 but his full name is Juan Ponce de Leon

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ponce de leon travled to florida by ship

La Florida was named by Juan Ponce de Leon on 2 April 1513.

Ponce de Leon sailed to Florida in 1513. I am not sure that Gama was part of his name.

ponce de leon landed in Florida

Florida was founded in the year 1885 by Ponce de Leon.

Ponce de leon (Juan Ponce De Leon) sailed from Spain and sailed to Florida!

Yes, Jaun Ponce De Leon discovered and explored Florida.

Ponce De Leon named Florida because of the word "Easter" or in Spanish "Pascua de Florida"

Juan Ponce De Leon Juan Ponce De Leon

Ponce de LeonPonce de Leon explored Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth.

the question is suppose to be when did he discover Florida that's what i am answering , ponce de leon discovered Florida in 1513

juan ponce de leon discovered Florida

Jaun Ponce de Leon was the first European to explore Florida

Ponce De Leon went to Florida in 1513

Ponce De Leon went to Florida Puerto Rico

Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida, or as he called it 'La Florida', on April 2, 1513.

Ponce de Leon led the first European exploration of Florida.

Juan Ponce de Leon found gold in Florida.

at year did ponce de leon become a solider

what landform did pounce de leon think florida was

Tallahassee is approximately halfway between Ponce de Leon and Gainesville.

Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon

Juan Ponce de Leon explored Florida in 1513. However, he also sailed with Christopher Columbus in 1493.

Ponce de Leon mostly visited Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and Florida.

its not ponce de leon found Florida and saw so many flowers and flowers in spanish is flores so they called Florida

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