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what year

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Q: What year did preventive dentistry start?
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What is preventive dentistry?

A preventive dentistry is a place where a person can get dental care to preventive various dental issues, disease and improve their present dental health and prevent the situation from getting worse. By visiting a preventive dentistry, a person will get good tips to maintain good oral and dental health.

What has the author Robert F Barkley written?

Robert F. Barkley has written: 'Successful preventive dental practice' -- subject(s): Preventive dentistry, Practice, Dentistry

What has the author George Neville Davies written?

George Neville Davies has written: 'Cost and benefit of fluoride in the prevention of dental caries' -- subject(s): Dental caries, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Preventive dentistry, Fluorides, Prevention, Preventive dentistry, Therapeutic use

What has the author Alfred Armstrong Crocker written?

Alfred Armstrong Crocker has written: 'Modern motoring, or, The age of gasoline' 'Modern dentistry for the laity and industrial dentistry for the corporation, modern preventive dentistry and industrial welfare dentistry' -- subject(s): Care and hygiene, Dentistry, Dental Care, Teeth, Oral Hygiene 'Modern motoring' -- subject(s): Automobiles

What has the author Andreas Michel written?

Andreas Michel has written: 'Die konservierende zahnheilkunde' -- subject(s): Dental therapeutics, Preventive dentistry

What has the author Pauline F Steele written?

Pauline F. Steele has written: 'Review of dental hygiene' -- subject(s): Dental hygiene, Dental hygienists, Dentistry, Examination, Examination questions, Examinations, questions, Preventive dentistry

What has the author Alfred Civilion Fones written?

Alfred Civilion Fones has written: 'Mouth hygiene' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Care and hygiene, Dentistry, Hygiene, Oral Hygiene, Preventive dentistry, Teeth, Dental Hygienists, Tooth

What are tutition costs at USC School of Dentistry?

The tuition costs at USC School of Dentistry vary from year to year. The estimated cost is $58614 for first year and $39076 for second year.

What has the author Robert O Nara written?

Robert O. Nara has written: '$Money by the mouthful!' -- subject(s): Care and hygiene, Preventive dentistry, Teeth

Difference between a Doctor of Dental Surgery and Doctor of Medical Dentistry?

A Doctor of Dental Surgery deals with oral surgeries, whereas, a Doctor of Medical Dentistry deals with preventive dental treatments. In the U.S. however the curriculum is basically the same and both doctors are trained similarly.

Are there any magazines on children's dentistry?

When kids reach a certain age, their teeth will start to grow; this is when parents should do something about. There are magazines on children's dentistry in the health section.

What year was dentistry introduced to Mexico?

Since Pre-Columbian times (some 2000-3000 years ago) primitive dentistry practices were held in Mexico. "Modern" dentistry took hold since the Spanish conquest (1521).

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