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Slaves were never allowed to vote. Male African-Americans or persons of color were given the right to vote in 1870.

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Q: What year did slaves get the wright to vote?
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In 1870 former black male slaves obtained the right to vote but what about blacks who were not slaves prior to that year?

in 1870 black African American slaves was able to vote

What year was the constitution amended to guarantee former slaves the right to vote?


Why should slaves vote?

Slaves should not be slaves.

When slaves started voting what party did they vote for?

Slaves couldn't vote. They were NOT citizens, but property owned by another person. Slaves had no civil rights.

How did the three fifths compromise resolve?

the southern states wanted their slaves to be able to vote because if their slaves could vote, they would most likely vote for their owners choice, but the northeners didnt want them to vote so they agreed that slaves would count as three-fifths of a person

What did the 15 amendment do for slaves?

Allowed them to vote.

What did amendment 15 do for slaves?

Allowed them to vote.

What year were the Wright bros born in?

the wright brothers were born in the year of 1879

Why was it historical for white men to vote?

because at that time balck men where slaves and could not vote

How old did you have to be to vote in athens?

A male of 18 years old. No slaves or immigrants were allowed to vote.

What amendment allowed slaves to vote?

15th Amendment

Match the following A. Fifteenth Amendment B. Nineteenth C. Twenty-sixth Amendment?

A.Fifteenth Amendment A.Gave vote to former slaves B.Nineteenth Amendment B.Gave vote to women C.Twenty-sixth Amendment C.Gave vote to 18-year-olds