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The slaves weren't allowed to vote because they weren't citizens. To be an citizen, your parents had to be citizens so, even if you were born in that place, you couldn't be citizens.

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Q: Why weren't slaves allowed to vote?
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When were women in Greece allowed to vote?

They Werent

What did the 15 amendment do for slaves?

Allowed them to vote.

What did amendment 15 do for slaves?

Allowed them to vote.

What amendment allowed slaves to vote?

15th Amendment

What year did slaves get the wright to vote?

Slaves were never allowed to vote. Male African-Americans or persons of color were given the right to vote in 1870.

Why were slaves allowed to vote in the south before the civil war?


How old did you have to be to vote in athens?

A male of 18 years old. No slaves or immigrants were allowed to vote.

What did slave owners keep there slaves from doing?

Slaves owners deprived their slaves of the many things we, today, take for granted. Slaves were not allowed education, they were not allowed to go out how and when they wanted, they were not allowed to vote, they were not allowed to compain when they are abused, and slaves were not allowed to sleep in bed and wear proper clothing.

Why was blues played?

Because the slaves on the plantations werent allowed to talk so they sang in sadness and to communicate with one another :)

Was slaves allowed in the Battle of Shiloh?

no they werent because the north and a south had a gentlemans agreement that if the south used their slaves the fight would be unfair and the south would win

What 2 groups not allowed to vote in the house of burgesses?

Women and slaves

Can Roman slaves allowed to vote?

No, Roman slaves were not allowed to vote. Voting rights were primarily reserved for Roman citizens who were free men. Slaves were considered property and did not have the same legal rights as free citizens.