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Q: What year did sterling marlin lose cylinder at talladega race?
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What would happen if a cylinder broke in a car?

The cylinder would lose compression, causing the engine to lose power. I've personally never heard of a cylinder breaking, its usually parts near and around the cylinder that break, although if the block cracks, I guess that could be considered breaking the cylinder. The cylinder can also lose compression due to rust holes which can develop over time.

Could it be the slave cylinder the reason why you have no clutch pedal?

Yes. If either cylinder or the line fails, you lose the clutch pedal. Slave cylinder is a good place to start.

Why do you lose brake pressure?

You ONLY lose brake pressure if you have a leak somewhere ! - This can be in any wheel cylinder , the master cylinder, or a fractured brake line. Till you find the leak, keep your master cylinder topped up daily.If the brake fluid reservoir remains full and the brake pedal sinks to the floor as you are waiting at a stop light, the master cylinder is at fault.

What function do seals serve on a hydraulic cylinder?

Seals on the hydraulic cylinder keep the pressure, which are needed to lift the suspension in the air. If they leak, they lose pressure and won't be able to lift the vehicle.

Replace rear wheel cylinder 98 dodge ram 1500?

2 1/2 bolts and 1 brake line attached behind wheel cylinder, remove them and thats it sometome you may need to hit the cylinder with hammer to knock it lose.

What may cause brake fluid to leak at master cylinder on a 1991CADILLAC deville?

Worn rubers, lose bleeding valve, loosefluid tube conection. bad seal at tube conection. crack in cylinder,

What would cause the brakes of a1997 Chevy s10 4x4 lose brake fluid?

A rotted brake line, a leaky front caliper, a leaky rear wheel cylinder, a leaky master cylinder,

Why do the brakes lose fluid 1999 E 350?

Probably need to replace the brake cyclinders if the master cylinder is ok.

How do you remove the cylinder on a 357. Smith and Wesson magnum?

look on the side of the gun you will see a small screw on the right side between the cylinder and the trigger . take the screw out and there is a pin that will fall out when turn it over , do not lose it. flip the cylinder out and the swing arm will slide forward so that the whole cylinder will come out . then you can take ejector out and clean it

What yu gi oh cards make your opponent lose life points when they attack your monsters?

I know only Magic Cylinder

Can you lose engine pressure if the valve covers are leaking?

yes because if the valves covers are leaking what is there to contain the pressure inside the cylinder

1994 Ford Probe squeals when started?

I Have 94 Probe 4 cylinder that squealed when I started it. the pully on the water pump was lose