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Q: What year did super diaper baby come out?
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How long does it take a diaper to decompose?

It takes A diaper 355 year for a single baby's diaper to decompose. If you Have a baby, please recycle all of their diapers! Thanks!

Can a diaper fit a 13 year boy?

If the boy's skinny enough for a baby diaper. If he's not, try a med. size adult diaper.

How do you put a diaper on?

The best way to do this is to sit the baby down or like me (14 year old ) And follow the instructions. Diaper underneath them then fasten the straps tight so it does not leak out.

Who has good diaper dares for 15 year old?

depends if you are boy or girl if you are a boy then ware nothing but a girls diaper the same one fore 1 week with out changing it. if you are a girl have a boy change you in to a boys diaper and only a diaper and hav him treat you like a baby for a day or too.

Will size 6 baby diaper if a 14 year old?

I guess if you don't weigh more than 110 pounds.

What baby diaper can a 13 year old boy wear?

Huggies of couse and can you send me some my son keeps wetting the bed

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How do you change a 11 year olds diaper?

the same way you change a babys diaper

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What year did Maria Allen invent the diaper?

Maria Allen invented the diaper in 1887.

How can you get your 14 year old Pekingese dog to stop urinating and pooping on the floor?

He might be incontinent. You might have to get a diaper for him, as he can't control his bowel movements. I have a 12 year old Gordon Setter that I purchased a diaper for. These things come with age, dear.

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