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The US bought the Louisiana purchase from France in 1803.

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It was just one small part of the Louisiana Purchase. It was not bought separately.

The Louisiana was bought from France.

1802, and remember that the Louisiana Purchase didn't just cover the STATE of Louisiana as we know it today, the Purchase stretched from the Appalachians to modern day Oregon.

louisiana purchase was from france

Louisiana purchase, for four cents an acre or 15 million dollars total.

The US payed about 15 million dollars to buy the Louisiana Purchase to the French.

Thomas Jefferson sent James Monroe to buy the Louisiana purchase

No it was Thomas Jefferson who bought the Louisiana Territory.

New Otleans was the largest city that was included in the Louisiana Purchase.

France, when Napolean was in power.

we bought the louisiana territory in 1803

US President Thomas Jefferson concluded a treaty with Napoleon to buy the Louisiana Territory.

You must be 18 or older to purchase tobacco products in Louisiana.

yes. he purchased it from the french in 1803.When he was the president was when he had purchased Louisiana so YES he did buy LouisianaNo

No, he was the seller, and the US was the buyer.

We wanted to buy the Louisiana Purchase to complete the manifest destiny of stretching from sea to sea. Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory for 15 million from France.

Thomas Jefferson was criticized for the Louisiana Purchase because the public thought that he did not have the right to buy land.

Louisiana .. and the price was 15 million Louisiana .. and the price was 15 million

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