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The Apollo program began to be seriously considered as soon as Russian Yuri Gagarin had become the first man to enter space in 1961. His flight provided the impetus for the US to fast track its space program particularly because this was the time of the Cold War between the US and USSR. The goal was to be the first to land on the moon. While the Russians had scored a number of space firsts, the US was determined to not let this one slip past. There were also a number of scientific studies performed, including geological studies. The last Apollo mission, Apollo 17 was primarily a geological mission and included geologist Harrison Schmitt in the landing crew.

The first manned flight to the moon, that did not include a landing, was in December 1968 and the first manned landing was on July 20 1969 when Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11 became the first human to walk on the moon and indeed on any place other than earth.

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Q: What year did the Apollo space program start and what was the purpose?
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What was the first craft bulit in the1960's?

The first craft built in the 1960's was the Apollo Space Program. This was a highly successful program from the start.

What other space programs preceded The Apollo Program?

NASA was still a young agency when Apollo was introduced. The first space program was Mercury, whose mission was to launch astronauts, one at a time, into space and then into orbit. Following Mercury was the Gemini program. Gemini spacecraft held two astronauts and saw was the first to really start with science and gear experiments. It was during Gemini that Ed White became the first American to perform an EVA (spacewalk). Apollo directly followed Gemini, and the Space Shuttle program followed Apollo.

What space program did Kennedy start?

Prsident John Kennedy started the space mission to land a man on the moon and to bring him back safely,The Apollo mission.

When did the Apollo program start?

it started in 1968

When did Neil Armstrong start the space program?

Neil Armstrong went twice in space once in the Gemini spacecraft and the other made famous with Apollo 11.

Words that start with letter a to do with space?

· Apollo spacecraft (US) · asteroids · atmosphere

What year did the space program start?


When did the all up program start with the Staurn V and Apollo?

All up testing began with the very first Saturn V launch (Apollo 4) on November 9, 1967.

When NASA shut down?

NASA will not shut down it is just shutting down the space program. After the space program will start the Constellation Program that will send human beings to the moon at back to earth safely.

When did the space shuttle program start?

The first flight for the Space Shuttle program took place on April 12, 1981, though the program officially began in 1972. There were 135 flights that took place before the program ended in 2011.

When did the Apollo 1 program start?

Apollo 1 wasn't a program, it was a mission scheduled to launch in February, 1967. However, the capsule caught fire on January 28, 1967 and killed the crew. The first Apollo launched on October 11, 1968. Apollo actually started during the Kennedy administration as a means of achieving his goal of "Landing a man on the moon in this decade and returning him safely to the earth."

How is an Apollo landing different to a space shuttle landing?

For a start, 6 Apollos landed on the moon. But on the Earth, the main difference is that the shuttle lands on a conventional runway, the Apollo capsule splash landed in the sea.