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It never collapsed

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Q: What year did the Spinnaker tower collapse?
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How many people visit the spinnaker tower each year?

i think that there are about over 10 million people every year that go to the spinnaker tower

When was Spinnaker Tower created?

Spinnaker Tower was created in 2005.

How tall is the spinnaker tower?

Its 170m

Who designed the spinnaker tower?

Scott Wilson

What is the spinnaker tower used for?

it was built in 2007

What materials were used to build the spinnaker tower?

iron and wood

How high is the spinnica tower Portsmouth?

The Spinnaker Tower is 170-meter (560 ft) high .

What is the overall thickness of the glass floor of Spinnaker Tower?

1,000,000,000,000 mm

In which city is the spinnaker tower located?

its located in Portsmouth Hampshire England

How long did it take for the North Tower to collapse on September 11?

It took 102 Minutes for the North Tower to Collapse.

Did the north tower collapse in 911?

Yes, the North Tower (also referred to as 1 WTC) was the second of the towers to collapse.

When was The Spinnaker created?

The Spinnaker was created in 1977.