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1909 to 1944 The US entered World War 2 in December of 1941.

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Un-restricted submarine warfare. If it wasn't for that, the US would not have entered the war. As it was, the US was only in it for a year ended in 1918 (the US entered the war in 1917).

The US became a combatant, part of the allies in 1917.

Knowing which war is being asked about might help in answering the question.

The United States declaration of war is from 6 April 1917.

The US did enter into an undeclared shooting war with Germany in the fall of 1941 because Germany has declared war on the US.

It depends on which war you are talking about. The US has a long history of warring.

prisoners the free and camps consentration the enter us the did year what 1945

The US entered World War 1 on April 6, 1917. The war ended about one and a half years later.

Truman committed troops to enforce the UN demand on June 30, 1950.

Sunday, December 7, 1941 - The day of the attack on pearl harbour

The US entered the war in April of 1917 and were on the Allies side.

The reason for the US to enter the War of 1812 was due to the separation of the Northern colonies. Also, the invasion of the British in North America prompted the war.

the us decided to enter world war because they want the resources of france, and they want to keep on ruling france.

The US entered the Korean war in order to protect South Korea

The United States joined the Second World War in December 1941 as a response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

The sinking of the Lusitania had an effect. 128 US citizens were drowned, but this was in 1915 & the US does not enter the war until April of 1917....

Gen. John J. Pershing

There is a Wolrd War One US Military Cemetery near Waregem (Belgium) called Flanders Field Military Cemetery.

The United States entered World War II after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941. The US declared war on the following day, 8th December 1941.

US Congress declared war on Germany on 6th April 1917

The US itself was responsible for its decision to enter the war.

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