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What year had the most births?

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one of the years are 1996, 1999, and 1992



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Which state has the most births per year?


Which region is experiencing the biggest increase in population?

Niger has the world's highest birth rate, at 48.91 births per 1000 population per year. India had the most total births a year, with a 1.578% increase year on year and 22.22 births/1,000 population a year. 25,508,468 births annually

How many people are born in a year?

Approximately 139 million people are born each year throughout the world. The most annual births take place in India, with 25.5 million births per year.

How many births in us per year?

In 2009 there were 4131019 births in the US

How many births this year so far?

I could tell you the answer is below Number of births: Over 8,000 birth in this past year this year

What is the most popular girl name?

Haley is currently #123 in U.S. births, was #28 in the year 2000. Emily is currently #6 in U.S. births, was #1 in 1999. Anna is currently #29 in U.S. births, was #19 in 2001. Nicole is currently #119 in U.S. births, was #6 in 1982. ***Stacey is currently #977 in U.S. births, was #41 in 1971.

What is Mexico's birthrate?

There are 19.71 births/1,000 population or 2.2 million births each year.

Number of live births each year per 1000 people?

That is the definition of Live Births

How many births per year?


WHat day has the most births?


How many births per year in New York?

There are approximately 240,299 births per year in New York. The number of annual deaths per year in New York is around 152,088.

What day of the year has the least births?

February 29

What is the most popular birth month?

In the US, August usually has the most births per year. July and September are the next most popular and in some years surpass August. Summer months have higher birth rates than winter months with February having the least number of births.

What were the most popular baby names for boys in 1986?

According to the Social Security Administration, Michael (64,157 births) was the most popular boy baby name in the U.S. in 1986 with 64,157 births. Christopher, Matthew, Joshua, and David were the next most popular baby names for boys that year.

How many births in US each year?

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated about 3.95 million births in the U.S. in 2012.

Most popular month for births?


What day of the week has least amount of birthdays?

The day of the week that has the least amount of births is Sunday. The day of the week with the most amount of births is Tuesday. Of course each year the day of the week that their birthdays fall on will change.

Are there unusual births on a leap year?

Not particularly. A leap year has an extra day, so people can be born on the 29th of February, which can't happen in a regular year, but births are no more unusual throughout a leap year than in regular years.

What tells you population density?

the number of births per year

How many live births in US each year?


How many babies are born in Poland a day?

I'm estimating 1059/day for 2009 based on: 10.04 births per thousands population (estimated 2009) 38,482,919 population (estimated July 2009) 38,482,909/1000 population = 38,482.92 sets of 1000 population 10.04 births/thousands x 38,482.92 sets of thousands pop = 386,369 births/year 386,369 births per year/365 days per year = 1059 births per day

Birth rate in the year 2000?

If you are speaking about the birth rate in the United States... In 2000, births increased 3% over births in 1999.

Most common month for births in Australia?


There are approximately 130 million births worldwide in a year Express this quantity in births per minute?

247 per minute or 356165 per day

How many Hispanic births per year us?

Too many.

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