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What year is a 2.3 3G?


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3G is Radio technologies for Wireless mobile networks. Its an evolution above GSM technology which is widly used all round the world. In short We can Say that 3G is combination of various Mobile technologies like GSM and CDMA. The main advantages are 1. Convergence of GSM and CDMA as a single entity 2. Better Bandwidth and Security Aspects.


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Earlier this year, Sprint and Cernium provided 3G coverage on the Sprint Network. They began providing 3G in June of the the year two thousand and eleven.

The percentage of 3g smartphones is 31 percent for 24 to 35-year-olds. hope this was helpful!

The IPhone 3G was invented in the year 2010!

yeah of course ! even 10 year olds can !!

Abouta year old atleast, Its a 3g version

Yes it is a 3G smartphone.

In the year 2008 it was $199.99 and in the year 2010 it sould be around $150 or more

The iPhone 3G was launched July 11, 2008 The 3GS almost a year later, June 19 2009

Use these facts to find it out: 3G can be in phones since 1853. 4G can be in phones since 1942. 1 year old + 3G = £52. 162 years old + 3G = £4,212. 1 year old + 4G = £83. 162 years old + 4G = £6,723. Now use a calculator and work out this: How much would 3G/4G cost on your phone?

No. The "3G" in "iPod Touch 3G" means third generation. It does however receive wifi.

There is a small chance you have no enabled 3G. To do this follow these steps. Go to Settings > General > Network and Enable 3G should be set to on. Also your area may not have 3G capabilities. In this case there is no 3G signal for 3G to work. To check 3G coverage contact your provider. Also if your iPhone is a 1st Generation and not the iPhone 3G you do not have 3G capabilities.

No we can't use different network 3G sim in Vodafone 3G sim.

a phone with 3g capability.

3G = Tercera Generacion

iPhone 3G S = iPhone 3G + Extra's

No, it's missing 3G and HSDPA. Exception: Curve 9300 3G

You can access 3G data if you are in an area where there is a tower that supports 3G. All about the coverage. you can call and ask your cell phone provider if you get 3G coverage. Often it will even be displayed on your phone as 3G or HSPA.

There is only if you purchase the WiFi & 3G version, then for the 3G there is a contract needed with AT&T, but this can be turned on and off, it is not a 2-year contract. But for the regular WiFi iPad there is no contract required.

3g mobile is a cellular network. You can get it by going into any cellular store and requesting 3G.

It was the 266th day of the year.

Can you text with Iphone 3G?

iPhone 3g is capable of 3g access, but not iPhone 1st generation. However, some areas do not have 3g coverage, so iPhone will automatically switch to EDGE. iPhone 1st generation only has EDGE and Wifi, and iPhone 3g has EDGE, 3g, and WIFI.

The uptake for 3G was fairly slow to begin with as there may not have been the support for the 3G system. Some of the first phones to include 3G include the Nokia 6630, the LG u880 3G, and Ericsson also released their own 3G phone.

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