What year is slashes Les Paul?

Slash's Les Pauls from the Appetite for Destruction days were actually copies one was a 59 Les Paul copy and the other I don't know but it was a les paul copy that was made by a guy named Derrig and was extremely good, sadly Derrig is no longer in the business as far as I've heard. Here's the story-

Derrig had built the guitar already when the AFD sessions started. It was in the display window of Music-Works. Alan Niven came in and said that Slash was using a BC Rich guitar for the AFD sessions that wasn't cutting it for the tone, etc.

Alan asked the owner if he had anything he could try. The owner said he didn't have much, but there was a Les Paul in the window that was built by Derrig. Alan asked to check it out. Jim put Alnico II SD pickups in it, & sent it off with Alan for Slash to try. The guitar never came back, but Alan came back and wrote them a check for it AFTER the AFD sessions were over. He said Slash loved it, it was perfect for the AFD sessions. End of story, except he eventually got a 2nd Derrig from another source, I don't know who.