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"H6" is 1976 year.

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Q: What year is your Harley Davidson golf cart serial number is 3B16489H6?
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What year is this serial number on your Harley Davidson cart 3B1 5085 H0?


What year is my harley Davidson golf cart serial number 3B JO?


identify serial Ms5199 Harley Davidson?


Harley-Davidson ford trucks have serial numbers or vin numbers on their seats?

Not On The Seats. The Serial Number Is On The Floor Console Just Under The Dash.

What year is AMF Harley Davidson motor-co. inc golf cart serial number 3B11099H9?

Its a 1979 cart

What year amf harley Davidson 3 wheel golf cart Serial?

its a 1972

What year Harley Davidson 3 wheel gas golf cart serial 3b11508j2?


Where on the frame of a harley Davidson sportster are serial numbers?

the back thing that covers the back wheel

Who makes motorcycle frames the with serial number 4A27215H7?

HARLEY- DAVIDSON..4A is model xlch 1000 (sportster) 27215 is sequential made......h=(71-79) 7= 1977

AMF Harley Davidson golf cart SN 3B18048H5 can you tell me the year it was made?

the last 2 # of the serial tellthe year, H means the 1970s the last number is year like 5 is 1975

What year is a Harley golf cart serial number 68D 10108?


What is the most collectible Harley Davidson?

That would have to be the 1903 Harley single ("Serial Number One") that the Motor Company has on display at their headquarters in Milwaukee. But just about any first or last model year of a motor "family" is valuable, like '36 & '47 Knuckleheads, '48 & '65 Panheads, etc. Oddly, limited edition and anniversary models usually don't appreciate much more than "standard" models.