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You must call Colt with the serial number and ask them or repost your question with the serial number if you want an answer here.


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Your Colt combat commander was made in 1977.

The colt combat commander was made from the years 1971-1980.

Colt has never made a 9mm ruger combat commander

That Colt combat commander 70BS69785 was produced in 1978.

what is the value of a 1919 colt automatic hand gun

No such sn. You will have to call Colt

The best I can do is say that your colt Combat commander series 80 was made from 1983-1996.

What is the production year of a colt combat commander with serial number 70sc5572? Early 1972.

the 45. colt combat commander i worth from 1100.00 to 9000.00 depending on the gun research carefully.

colt combat commander has a steel frame, the regular commander has one made of alumimum. this is the main difference.

Go to for Colt combat commander serial numbers.

750$ to 1000$ and it really depends on the condition. ============ Besides condition, it also depends on model and modifications. I purchased a basic used one for $500 and a gunsmith "tricked out" one for $1500.

You will have to call Colt to find out.

Visit and search "reassemble 1911". The commander model is the same as the government model, when it comes to assembly. There are variances depending on what accessories or upgrades you have on your 1911.

You will have to call Colt with the sn to find out.

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