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What year is your kawasaki kx 60..kx060b-006671?

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all i know is, a-b model is 1989 to 1997

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Kawasaki kx 65?

Kawasaki kx 125 is the best

What year is your kawasaki kx 85 by VIN number?


What is the cost for a Kawasaki KX 125?

The cost of a Kawasaki KX 125 will vary depending on the year and condition of the bike. On Craigslist and eBay, the price varies from $1000 to $1600.

Find out year of your kawasaki kx 250 by frame number?


What year kawasaki kx 250 serial number jkakx250rrao13792?


Kawasaki kx 250 motorcross 12 digit vin numbers?

My kawasaki 250 kx (2 stroke) chassis number is: kx250k017919somebody tell me the year please..

A kawasaki kx85 weighs how much?

A 2015 Kawasaki KX 85 weighs 165 pounds. A different year Kawasaki KX 85 motorcycle may vary in weight by a little but not more than 10 or so pounds.

What does Kx mean?


Will a 1992 kawasaki kx 125 pipe fit on a 2001 kawasaki kx 125?

No it won't only 1999-2002

What year is your kawasaki kx 85 by VIN?

my kx85 frame number is jkbkx085bba003549 can u tell me the year

What years of kx 250 kawasaki gas tanks are compatible with a 97?

Any kx 250 tank from the year 1997 will definitely fit.

What is the best dirtbike?

Kawasaki Kx

2008 kawasaki Kx 250 Top speed in Mph?

A 2008 Kawasaki KX 250 can go up to 120 MPH. This is a motorcycle.

Will a kawasaki 2003 kx 125 cylinder fit a 2005 kx 125?


What is a kx 125?

kawasaki dirt bike.

How fast Kawasaki kx 100?

about 70mph

What brand of motorbike is a kx 85?


Where can one buy a Kawasaki KX 85cc?

The Kawasaki Kx 85cc is a newer model of modern motorcycle and off road vehicle and can be bought at many Kawasaki licensed motor vehicle dealerships.

Which company manufactures the KX 100 motorcycle?

The KX 100 is a popular model of motorcycle that is manufactured by Kawasaki. Information about the vehicle can be found on the official Kawasaki website.

What type of vehicle does the Kawaski KX brand make?

The KX is a dirt bike manufactured by the Kawasaki company. The Kawasaki KX is often used in motocross racing. There is the 2013 KX100, 2013 KX85, and the 2013 KX65.

What is the fastest dirtbike in the world?

the Kawasaki kx 500

How much horsepower does a Kawasaki KX 500 have?

they have about 65

When was the first kawasaki kx 125 made?

The Kawasaki KX 125 was first marketed in the United States in 1980. It was sold on the Asian markets like Japan in 1979.

Will a cylinder from a 2000 model year kawasaki kx 100 fit on a 2002 model year?

No they are different bolt it will bolt on but its not the same porting.

What is the seat height on a 2003 Kawasaki KX 60?

27 in