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Q: What year to what year did Barack Obama go to elementary school?
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When is Barack Obama Elementary School open?

Barack Obama Elementary School in Prince George's School District in Maryland is open. The first day for students in the 2011-2012 year was August 22.Barack H. Obama Elementary School in Ashbury Park, New Jersey closed on July 1, 2011.Schools named for Barack Obama in the United States are:CaliforniaBarack Obama Charter School - Compton, CaliforniaBarack Obama Global Preparation Academy - Los AngelesBarack Obama Academy - Oakland, CaliforniaMarylandBarack Obama Elementary School - Upper Marlboro, MarylandMissouriBarack Obama Elementary School - Pine Lawn, MissouriMinnesotaBarack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary - Saint Paul, MinnesotaNew JerseyBarack Obama Academy - Plainfield, New JerseyBarack Obama Green Charter High SchoolNew YorkBarack Obama Elementary School - Hempstead, New YorkPennsylvaniaObama High School - Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaTexasBarack Obama Male Leadership Academy - Dallas, TexasSchedules vary. School calendars are usually posted on a school's web site.

What year did Barack Obama got in high school and got out of high school?


When did Michelle Obama graduate from law school?

She graduated in 1988, a year before Barack Obama began his studies there.

How old was Barack Obama in the year of 1992?

Barack Obama turned 31 in August of 1992.

How old will President Barack Obama be in the year 2013?

Barack Obama will be 51 at the beginning of the year, turning 52.Obama was born on 1961 August 4.

What year was Barack Obama relected?


What is Michelle Obama doing this year?


Who is the president of the us this year?

Barack Obama

What year will Barack Obama die?

year 2,052 year 2,052

What year did Barack Obama get born?

President Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.

When did Barack Obama attend state elementary school and st francis catholic school?

When he was living in Indonesia with his mother and step-father. His mother sent him to a Catholic school, around the year 1967; after that, she sent him to a public school. But eventually, his mother decided that he should go back to Hawaii and finish school there, and that is what he did.

Where get his associate's degree did Barack Obama?

Barack Obama does not have an Associate's degree (which is usually from a two-year college program). He has a Bachelor's Degree from Columbia University in New York, and a Doctor of Laws (JD) Degree from Harvard Law School.