Mentos (candy)

What year was Mentos created?

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What year was the Mentos mint created?

Some time in the 1950s, sorry its not more specific.

Who created Mentos?

sot nem the indian genius

Who consumes the most Mentos rolls each year?


What do you get when you mix Mentos and coke?

Contrary to popular belief, mentos and coke is not a chemical reaction. All you are gonna get is a ton of foam. This is created when the tiny bubbles from the coke nestle into the microscopic cavities (kind of like moon craters) on the mentos.

Why does mentos react to mentos?

your dume

How much money does the Mentos company make?

i think they make $0.00 a year. (:

Are Mentos vegetarian?

No. Mentos contains gelatin and shellac.

What makes coke and Mentos react?

the holes in the mentos

How do you make a Mentos geyser?

Get a 2 liter bottle of diet coke get some mentos and drop about for mentos in the coke

In the Mentos and soda reaction how many Mentos are needed for a 12 oz. bottle?

3 mentos are needed

Who is drVanMento?

Dr.VanMento is the doctor that invented mentos he is mr."mentos"

How much money does a pack of Mentos cost?

well it depnd od what kind of mentos you want or what size of mentos you want

How do you make Mentos and coke explode?

Because of the carbon dioxide in the Mentos :)

Who makes Mentos gum?

Perfetti Van Melle makes Mentos.

What is all the materials for mentos and Diet Coke?

diet coke,mentos

How many mentos make mentos geysers?

one you will need coke

Who makes Mentos?

Mentos are made by the manufacturer Perfetti Van Melle.

What makes soda bottles blow up with Mentos?

soda and mentos

What is the manipulated variable for Diet Coke and mentos project?

Mentos, of course _ | | / \ | | | | | | |____ |

What is the object you put into a mentos dispenser to make the mentos come out of it?

A stick.

What kind of Mentos works best for the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment?

Any Mentos that have not been glazed will work. This is because the CO2 bubbles have to get into the holes in the Mentos to explose, but if the mint is glazed over they can not get in the holes.

Why does the soda explode when you put Mentos in it?

when the Mentos hits the surface of the coke, the compressed carbon dioxide forms bubble on the surface of the Mentos. and it is released into the air and pushes the coke out with it. the Mentos can be mint or fruit (I have tested both)

What is the Mentos active ingredient to make it spew?

the active ingredient in mentos is pepsi

Are Mentos a mixture?

No mentos are not a mixture but brass is. The element in brass are copper and zinc.

Why does coke and Mentos erupt?

Because the clorax in the mentos guidences the coke's caffiene.

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