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As a modern country, in 1821 after successfully winning a war of independence against Spain.

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What Aztec city is now the site of the Mexico city?

Actual Mexico City is stablished in the territory of ancient Mexico-Tenochtitlán, Tlatelolco, Tetzcoco and Tlacopan. Cities of the Mexica people also known as Aztecs.

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the reason that the hoovervilles were stablished was so that the homeless people during the great depression would have a place to live/ reside

Who stablished the religion Hinduism?

Hinduism has no known founder.

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I guess Nasa is stablished to explore the orbit.

Who stablished voodoo?

Voodoo is not attributed to any particular founder.

What is China man bloodline?

It is a well stablished pitbull bloodline.

What year did mexico win independence?

what year did mexico win there indepenedance

When bhu was stablished?

In 1919 by Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya.

When FIFA stablished?

21 May 1904 (107 years ago)

What did Father Damian Massanet accomplishment?

He stablished the first mission in Texas.

What year did Mexico gain independence from Spain?

Mexico gained independence in the year of 1821.

What does this mean in English Viajaste a Mexico el ano pasado?

"Did you visit Mexico last year?"

First Muslim government in sub continent?

when the first muslim government in subcontinent was stablished by

Is Mexico awesome?

It depends on where in Mexico you go to, and what time of year you go.

When year did Hernando Cort'es go to Mexico?

He went To Mexico in 1519

What year did Mexico became a state?

Mexico isn't a state stupid

What year was Texas part of Mexico?

Unitl 1836 it was part of Mexico.

What year was the Mexico border built?

When Mexico lost the battle at the Alamo

What year did bill kaulitz go to Mexico?

On 2008 was band's first trip to Mexico, and last year (2010) they went to Mexico cuz of the Humanoid's City Tour

How many people immigrate to Mexico each year?

how many people are in Mexico

What is the salary of a game warden in New Mexico?

he make 20,000 a year in mexico

What year did the USA take over Mexico?

I believe Mexico is still Mexican.

Which year did people discover Mexico?

Modern Europeans discovered Mexico on 1519.

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