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1954 notre dame opened to the public

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Q: What year was Notre Dame university founded?
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What year did Notre Dame start?

The University of Notre Dame was founded in 1842.

What year was Notre Dame founded?


How was steveson university founded?

Stevenson University was founded by the sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in Maryland. It was originally for women to have a one year school training to become medical secretaries.

How much is tuition at mt Notre Dame high school in Cincinnati?

For the 2010-2011 school year, tuition is $38,477 for the University of Notre Dame.

What year did the University of Notre Dame win their first national championship in football?


What are facts About Notre dame?

Notre Dame is french for "Our Lady" Notre dame took 80 years to build. 14 million people visit Notre dame every year. De Sully had notre Dame buit because of the expanding population. Notre Dame is in paris.

What year was the setting of Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

The year of the setting in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame is 1482.

When was the Notre Dame bulit?

Construction for Notre Dame started in 1163. it was opened in 1345. Notre-Dame de Paris was among the first buildings in the world to use the flying buttress (arched exterior supports). The building was not originally designed to include the flying buttresses around the choir and nave but after the construction began, the thinner walls (popularized in the Gothic style) grew ever higher and stress fractures began to occur as the walls pushed outward.

Why Notre Dame plays the Naval Academy every year?

Notre Dame in the early 40's were in dire financial straights, being forced to close down the University in the near future, when along came the Naval Academy & decided to send all their Cadet Recruits to Notre Dame for ROTC & saved the University financially! Notre Dame has since & will forever continue to be grateful & continue playing Navy no matter who wins!

What is the first year the University of Michigan and Notre Dame football teams played each other?

1887. Michigan won, 8 - 0. Michigan had been playing since 1879. It was Notre Dame's first game.

The leprechaun was named notre dame's mascot in what year?

i do not no do you???????????????????????????? Yes, I do. The Leprechaun was named the official mascot of Notre Dame in 1965.

Is notre dame going to a bowl game this year?

For the 2010 season, Notre Dame is playing Miami in the Sun Bowl on December 31.