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What year was riverside, 12 gauge, single shot ,model 548 made

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Q: What year was a 12 gauge single barrel shotgun serial number c584 made?
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When did springfield make serial number 30368?

when did spring make 12g single barrel shotgun serial number 30368

When was my Smithsonian single barrel 410 shotgun serial?


What is the value of a Crescent single barrel shotgun serial number 175828?

50-100 USD

Where is the serial number on a riverside arms single barrel shotgun?

Many early ones may not have a serial number. If they do, it will most likely be on the side of the receiver. There is a small chance it will be inside, after you remove the barrel.

What is the value of a sterling 12 gauge single barrel shotgun with a 114211 serial number worth?

50-150 USD

What is the year of a Ithaca 12 gauge shotgun serial number 154445?

Double barrel? Single barrel? Model? Need more information in order to be able to answer.

What year manufacture is Miroku shotgun that looks like BP99 single barrel with serial number 97851?

No published sn data.

What information on a Nitro Hunter Shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped Belknap Hdwre and Mfg serial A 4472?

nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

Whats a 1898 Spencer single barrel shotgun serial number 44032?

Do you by chance have the receiver, I need the screws on the side of this gun ? Rick

How much is a single barrel Monitor Shotgun serial 43004 worth?

50-100 or so

Trying to figure out what model Browning shotgun this is single shot serial?

Please add the serial, but it is likely a single barrel trap gun such as the BT99

What is the manufacture date of harrington richardson serial no - a 415665?

serial number suggests a single barrel, hinged frame Model 1908/08 shotgun - if so - 1920-25.

Is it safe to fire an Excel single shot w gauge shotgun serial 7135?

Is this shotgun manufactured with a twist steel barrel

Does anyone have information on a Hopkins and Allen 20 gauge single barrel shotgun pat in 1880s with serial number 6247?

Utility grade shotgun, 50-100 USD or so

What year was the Winchester shotgun sn 9380?

You will need to include the shotgun model number,or model name.Type of shotgun(single shot,pump action,double barrel,or semi-auto)along with the serial number that you have provided to get the correct age of your Winchester shotgun.

New Keystone shotgun rapid fire steel choke bored single barrel serial number 2903 was made in what year?

Not sure but I have #9972

Who made a 410 gauge single barrel with VOLUNTEER stamped on it serial A981277?

A 410 gauge, single barrel shotgun with Volunteer stamped on it and Serial number A981277 was made by the Volunteer Arms Company. They made guns for Belknap Hardware store in Louisville, Kentucky.

What year was American Gun Company's Victor Ejector 12 Gauge single barrel shotgun with serial number 401248 made?

No published sn data.

What is the model of a Winchester shotgun serial number 105466?

This cannot be answered without a more detailed description of your shotgun.Is your shotgun a semi-auto,over under,pump action,single shot?What markings are on your shotgun?What is the barrel length?

Can you tell about browning 12Ga?

Nothing without you providing a detailed description of your shotgun,to include the model,serial number to age your shotgun and what type of barrel it has(single,double,over under etc.)also include if it is a plain barrel,solid matte rib,or vent rib barrel.

Value of 1901 Harrington and Richardson 12 gauge single barrel shotgun?

1901 single barrel shotgun, washingtion

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial 54067?

Single barrel, under $100. Double-barrel up to $200 unless heavily ornamented.

What is the value of a single barrel Iver Johnson shotgun serial number 29066?

Selling to a pawn shop: about $25-$50 Buying from a pawn shop: $80-$120.

What is the value of shotgun single barrel 410 ward and sons Birmingham serial number 808?

Your shotguns value will be between 100-200 dollars in todays market.

What is the value of the Amadeo Rossi 12 gauge shotgun model number 2219?

I would need to know the model number to your shotgun,along with the type which would be single shot,or a double barrel,along with the overall condition of your shotgun.The number provided by you is the serial number.