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Need a detailed description of all features, caliber, etc..

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No other information provided means nothing to tell you. Handgun? Long Gun? Claiber/Gauge?

Can't be answered without a DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF ALL MARKINGS and what it is (rifle, handgun, shotgun)

FN PistolsTry the book FN Browning Pistols at this link: can also be contacted at: Wet Dog Publications * 5603-B W. Friendly Ave * Suite 166 * Greensboro, NC 27410Email: Phone: 336-394-4138 Fax: 336-349-5427

I can say that the Inglis made Browning Hi-power handguns were made by Inglis from Feb,1944-Sept,1945.There were only 151,000 made during this time span.I know that the Fabrique Nationale made handguns during this same time span are valued at between 500-1,300 dollars.I would say that a 90% handgun would bring between 1,000-1,300 dollars.

Better to contact Browning at

They refer to this handgun as the browning model BDA (browning double action auto) pistol.

Could be a rifle, shotgun or handgun.

I am aware of only one chambering in the Browning hi-power,that is 9mm parabellum.

A few hundred to multiple thousands depending on specifics

50-5000 USD depending on specifics

In order to answer your question please include the type of firearm you are asking about(rifle,shotgun,handgun etc.) also include the model name or number,barrel length,action type,caliber or gauge,along with the serial number that you have provided to get a correct answer to your question.

I cannot asses a value unless You post the handgun model of your browning along with the serial number.

Impossible to answer if you don't at least say if it is a rifle, shotgun or handgun.

Factory numbers relating to proofing, assembly, etc..

It depends on the model and condition. The best way to get a value is to check with a dealer.

Impossible to answer without the exact model and caliber.

A few hundred to multiple thousands depending on exact configuration, age and condition.

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