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Q: What year was a ccm rambler bicycle with the serial number of 2H7513 made in?
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J c Higgins bicycle serial chart?

I'm looking for the date of a J.C. Higgins bicycle with the serial number 705495

What is the name of my bicycle by the serial number GS070800543?


What year is your Hercules bicycle serial number oy-35?


What year was a Redline RL540 bicycle serial number RMCL601187 made?


What year is your schwinn suburban bicycle serial number BL556681?

Based on the date code for the letters in this serial number, it was made in February of 1975.

What year was a chain bike corp bicycle serial number 0180881970 made?

January 1989

What year was Trek bicycle model Navigator 100 serial number WTU1F0247T made?


What is the year of a Specialized S-Works bicycle with a serial number of 91J2058?

Contact website.

What is bicycles model name from serial number?

Serial numbers aren't coordinated between manufacturers, so you've got to know that first. Then maybe you can find out some more.Westfield Bicycle Company

How can you tell how old a West Coast Chopper bicycle is?

You can usually find the year of a Huffy bicycle (I believe they were the only manufacturer of West Coast Choppers bikes) by combining the first digit of the serial number with... some guess work. The first digit of the serial number equals the lastdigit of the year. So... if your serial number starts with 6, then the bike could be made in 1986, 1996, or most likely, 2006 (this is where the guess work comes into play). Considering they started making these bicycles in 2005, this is a pretty reasonable assumption.

How do you found out the make of a cycle from the serial number?

You don't, as the serial numbers aren't coordinated between manufacturers. You've got a better chance by posting a pic on a bicycle site(, www and ask there if someone can identify it.

What year was a schwinn varsity bicycle serial number L32165?

1953 made between march 4th to march 31. However I didn't know the Varsity was made that early are you sure there isn't another letter in the serial number. If it has AL32165 it would be January 1975 more likely.