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25 cal baby browning by fabrique national d'armes was made in what year

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Fabrique national d'armes de gurre herstal belgique browning ser.?

you will have to call Browning or provide the sn

What is fabrique nationale d'armes de guerre herstal belgique mean it is on my browning A5 shotgun?

It stand for "national plant of war weapons herstal Belgium" Fabrique National is simply "National Plant" and it is common to call the Company "FN".

What is the value of a Browning Arms H P Standard Serial?

fabrique national d'armes de querbe herstal belgigue

What company owns browning?

Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal

Who owns browning arms company?

Fabrique Nationale de Herstal

Who first manufactured the Browning Hi-Power?

fabrique nationale of belguim was the first producer of the browning hi-power.

What is the Belgium browning fn shotgun?

There are many different models of Browning shotguns that were made in Belgium by the Fabrique Nationale manufacturing plant in Liege/Herstal. The oldest of which is the Auto-5 Automatic Shotgun which began in 1903. Some Superposed shotguns are still made there.

What is the mfg date for a Browning 16 gage Fabrique national d Armes herstal Belgique serial number 765?

Your serial number indicates that your Browning 16 gauge shotgun was made in the first year of production,which was 1909.

Who has manufactured browning guns for browning and what years?

FN (Fabrique Nationale) since day one, Miroku since the mid 70's

What person who made the first sweet?

Fabrique Nationale first made the gun for Browning in 1937

Browning automatic rifle serial 230785?

You will have to call Browning.

What age and value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen semi-automatic shotgun?

Fabrique Nationale made the sweet sixteen for Browning from 1937 til 1976. Provide the seriail number to determine year, and re-ask question. You can also go to the link and look it up on the Blue Book website.

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