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for this year it would be 1960

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If a person is fifty years old what year was he born if this year is 2008?


If you were born in the year 1956 how old would you be in the year 2010?

fifty-four (54)

When you was fifty five years old what year was i born?

50 years ago

How tall is a 50 year old?

A fifty year old is about 9foot

What is average weight for fifty one year old male?

The average weight of a fifty one year old male is 210 lbs

Who is the fastest fifty-five year old?

Shahid Afridi made the fastest fifty in five year.

When where the flintstones invented?

IN the year l960, they are fifty years old this year.

What is fifty year old in Spanish?

cinquenta años

Can a fifty year old compete in the Olympics?


What would a 100 year old man wear?

Much the same as a fifty year old man!

How many birthdays does a fifty-year-old man have?


If a 6-year-old girl weighs 87 pounds how much will she weigh as an 18-year-old?

fifty billion dollars

If you were born April 1953 how old are you?

About fifty seven and a half years old

What is the name of a fifty year old presidential candidate with fifty eight pets and is a pilot?

Charles kingfod smith

Can a forty nine year old woman get pregnant with a fifty two year old man?

it really depends.=but probably.=

What is the average weight of a fifty year old man?

210 pounds

What do fifty year old men find attractive?

they find other old ladies about 50 years old

Where was American author and music producer Richard GIbbs born?

The American author and music producer Richard Gibbs was born on April seventh in the year of nineteen fifty five, he is currently fifty seven years old and still resides in the United States.

How many babies are born with brain defects in a year?

Twenty out of fifty

How can a 16 year old in Texas leave home and live with a 19 year old boyfriend?

Having about fifty thousand dollars to last a year or two

What is the average time for a fifty year old to run a mile?

15 minutes

What year was a 10 year old born in?

10 year old was born in 2000.

How many calories should a fifty year old female eat a day?

How many calories does a fity year old female have to eat a day?

What companies or people or toys turn 50 years old in 2013?

Brad Pitt and Lisa Kudrow are two celebrities who turn fifty in the year 2013. Basketball star Michael Jordan and actor Johnny Depp also join them in turning fifty this year. Other things that become fifty years old in 2013 are the Beatle's first album and the computer mouse! The smiley face and the zipcode also turn fifty years old in the year 2013.

Is it harder for a fifty year old man to keep an erection?