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Per proofhouse.com with that serial number, it was made in 1928.

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How old is a colt detective special serial number 536401?

your colt detective special dates to the year 1949 by the serial number provided.

What is the date of colt detective special 38 3021?

The Colt detective special was derived from the Colt positive special in 1927and the starting serial number for that year was 331000 so the serial number you show of 3021 does not match up as a Colt detective special. Now if the serial number was 383021 then it was made in 1930.

What year is serial 0540RD Colt Detective Special made?

That does not seem to be a serial number for a Colt DS.

What year was a colt Detective Special serial number 7000200 made?

No such serial number for the Colt detective special, please resubmit.If you mean 700200, than 1957 would be the year. If you mean 700020, it would be the same, 1957.

What is the year of mfg for a Colt Detective Special. The serial number is S367XX?

After 1978. You will have to call Colt to narrow it down further.

What is year manufactured Colt detective special serial no starting with letter r?

The Colt diamondback was listed in 1978 starting with R13091 The only years I found for the Colt detective special with an R were 1977 starting with 01001R to 11700R and 1978 starting with 11701R to 59999R.

What year was colt police positive 364798 made?

A Colt police positive .38/bankers special with that serial number was made in 1934. A Colt police positive special/detective special with that serial number was made in 1928.

What year colt detective special guns had serial numbers beginning in P?

Sorry the records I have only go up to 1978 and there is no serial number for a colt detective special beginning with the letter P up until that time.

What ammunition is used in a 38 caliber Colt Detective Special serial 51930 What does an ?

Any commercial 38 special ammo can be used in a firearm marked 38 special caliber. (Remington,Federal,CCI,Fiocchi,etc.) The Colt serial number guide that I found on the internet says Colt Detective Specials with an "M"after the serial number started with the year 1975. The gun should have a shrouded extractor rod.

How old is the colt detective special model d1425 and serial 9098RD?

The Colt model with serial number D1425 is listed for the Colt Diamondback.It was made in the 1st year of production in 1966. (D1001 to D2599) Unable to find 9098RD at this time.

What year was colt officers special 38 serial number 785272 made?

Your colt officers special was produced in 1951.

What year and value is colt detective sp wort 3462rd?

The year it was introduced was 1927 and is worth about $2,000

What year was a Colt 38 Police Special serial number 28028 manufactured?

If it is a Colt police positive special, it was produced in 1910.

What is the age of a colt police positive 38 special 276069?

The Colt police positive special with serial # 276069 was produced in the year 1923.

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