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Q: What year was drums invented?
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When were the ngoma drums first invented?

it wasd invented last year

Who invented the bongo drums?

the Africans invented the bongos drums

Who is Jye Ricole?

he invented the drums in the late 1300s he invented the drums in the late 1300s

When were electronic drums invented?

In 1949 the first electric drums were created.

Where were conga drums invented?


What country invented drums?


When were steel drums invented?

there were invented round about the 1930's

Who invented the cymbal on the drums?

Cymbals were originally invented in China.

When was the bongo invented?

The bongo drums were invented in the early 1800s by africans.

Who invented the electronic drums?

Dave Simmons invented the electronic drumset.

Who invented dw drums?

Don Lombardi

Where was the drums invented?

in Iraq the oldest drum was found there

What are some Indian inventions?

the indians invented the drums

What was the date when davul drums were invented?

696969 b.c

Who invented the Tenor Drums?

Winston (Spree) Simon from Trinidad.

When was the flute and drums invented?

Thousands and thousands of years ago.

When were ear grommets invented?

My cat plays the drums .... ;D

What people invented drums?

It's to put base in the band

During what musical period were the drums invented in?

they were invented when albert Einstein discovered that rain was wet

Who is inventor of the bongo drums?

The bongo drums were invented in the 19th century, but it was later modified and made fit for an instruments by the Cubans

Who was the first to invent drums?

Africans invented the drum. William Ludwig made it possible to have a drum SET--he invented the bass pedal. Louie Bellson was the first to play two bass drums.

When were the musical drums invented?

Drums have been used for very many centuries and it is unknown when or where they originated from. Most drums were made for musical reasons because it was believed that music pleased the gods.

Who invented the snare drum?

the snare drums were played by the military but the inventer of the snare drums is to be unknown were ery sorry to all of those folks out there.

Who is playing drums for The Who at the Super Bowl?

Ringo Star's son was playing drums for the who at the super bowl this year.

Who invented the musical instrument called the fife?

Old Americans invented it went they were playing the drums they hollowed out drum sticks.