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According to the medallion on the stock its a 1991 commemorative.

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Q: What year was marlin 60SP limited edition made?
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When was Marlin 3080 Limited Edition Trail Rider made?

The model 20 20 limited edition 3080 was made in 1980

What year was the marlin model 6080 limited edition made?


When was the marlin 6082 limited edition made?

1982 I believe. Thats why it is 6082.

Info on a Marlin limited edition mod ga 30 cal 3030?

Yes one was made.

What year was a marlin 39 century ltd rifle with serial nunber 10006 made?

Marlin made the Model 39 Century Limited in 1970. That's why it is called the Century Limited, it was made to celebrate Marlin's 100th anniversary. Get it?

How many Limited Edition pens are made by Montblanc?

There are many limited edition pens made by Montblanc. They can in many colors.

What year was the Marlin Westpoint Limited edition Mod GA 22 long Rifle made?

It should be the last 4 digits of the serial number. That will give you the year.

What is the value of a Marlin Limited Edition Model 3082?

Your Marlin model 3082 was made in 1982 for Oklahoma Tire and Supply Co. (OTASCO) These versions used cheaper birch stocks, and are not valued any differently than a std. 336 Marlin, or a model 30 Marlin. They have no significant collector interest unless they are unfired, and then only minor value increases.

What is a Marlin 30-30 Model 3080 Limited Edition worth?

That is basically a Marlin Glenfield Model 30 as made for the OTASCO chain of stores in Oklahoma. The model number is derived from the base model (30) and the year of sale (in this case 1980). It will have no additional value over a standard Marlin Glenfield Model 30 in equivalant condition, about $150 if excellent.

Did a 1990 mark 7 come with headers also is the white lsc mark7 limited edition how many where made?

yes they all came with factory headers and no the white is not a limited edition.

How old is limited edition westpoint modGA22 serial 10438433?

It was made in the year 1990.

How many beach party Arabia limited edition Jeep wranglers were made?


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