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What year was oritse Williams born?

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He was born on 27 November 1986

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Does Oritse Williams have a girlfriend?

No Oritse Williams Does Not Have A Girlfriend.

When was ortise Williams born?

Oritse Williams - born 27 November 1986

Where was Oritse Williams born?

West London.

Is Oritse Williams single?

Yes, Oritse Williams from JLS is single!!

What hospital was Oritse Williams born in?

This information is unknown.

What location was Oritse Williams born at?

West London

What city was Oritse Williams from JLS born in?


When was Oritse Williams from the band JLS born?

27 november

What is oritse last name from jls?

oritse Williams

What are the names of oritse Williams parents?

oritse or jb.

When was Oritse Williams born?

He was born 27th of November it says on the offical website and in the book.

What is oritse Williams middle name?

his whole name is oritse jolomi Matthew Solomon Williams. take it from me,i am his stalker!

What is the birthday of Oritse Williams from JLS?

His birthday is on 27th November and he was born in 1986.

Surname of Oritse from jls?

Williams oritise williams

Is oritse Williams ugly?

Deffo no!!

How tall is oritse Williams?


What is Oritse Williams is age?


What is oritse Williams email address?

Oritse williams's email address is!!

What is Oritse Williams sister name?

His sisters name is Odegwa she goes to my school shes in my year :)

What were Oritse Williams favourite singers?

cheryl cole and robbie Williams

Where does oritse Williams from JLS live?

In London.

What is oritse Williams sister called?


What is Oritse Williams birthday?

27 November

What is oritse real name?

Oritsé Williams.

How made the group jls?

Oritse Williams