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Q: What year was the 13 overtime game between Boone Trail and Angier High School played?
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What is the most overtimes played in high school basketball in Texas?

Kerrville Toby had a 13 overtime game in the early 1980's.

What is the record for the most overtimes in a high school basketball?

Boone Trail High School and Angier High, both of North Carolina, hold the record for most overtimes in a single game. The 2 teams played 13 extra frames before Boone Trail could pull out a 56-54 victory. Source: trivia library

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In soccer if the score is still tied after overtime is a shoot out played?

In accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game "Kicks from the Penalty Mark" is a sanctioned method of determining the winner of a match after overtime periods have been played.

Was overtime played during the regular season in the NHL?

Yes, they would play one overtime then they will go into a shootout, until someone comes out victorious.

In Olympic hockey do teams play with four players on a side in overtime?

5-5 is played with 20 minute period of overtime. this is sudden-death, however.

When was overtime established in NCAA football?

In 1869. Rutgers and Princton played in the game.

When is the AFL gf?

the afl grand final is played on the last Saturday of September. If there is a draw it is played the week after. If that is a draw there is overtime.

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In college football, yes. If the score is tied at the end of an overtime period, the game continues. Overtime rules in college football are set up so that there cannot be a tie game ... overtime periods will be played until one team is ahead at the end of an OT period. In the NFL, not in the regular season. If no team scores in the overtime period, the game ends and is declared a tie. Obviously, in the playoffs there can be a double overtime as those games must have a winner.

Who won the last match-up between the Washington Redskins and the Tennessee Titans?

In their latest match-up, the Washington Redskinsdefeated the Tennessee Titans, 19-16 in overtime. They last played on November 21, 2010.