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Check out the linked article for your answer...pretty good article on the JC Higgins model 50 in the .270 gauge. Good article with some techinical errors

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Q: What year was the JC Higgins Model 50 30.06 583.98 made?
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Who made the J C Higgins model 50; 58398?

F.N. Mauser, 1950 or so. High Standard made all but the FN Action and the plastic parts

Was a JCHiggins 3006 rifle made in 1918?

no. The J C Higgins brand was not used until much later.

What is the model number of a Browning made in japan 3006 serial number06073RN117?

The model number is 117

Who made JC Higgins model 20 58359?

Hi Standard made the Model 20 J.C. Higgins for Sears

Who made jc Higgins model 25?

Sears' JC Higgins Model 25 is the High Standard model A1041 .22 auto

What year was JC Higgins 22 caliber automatic model number 10146 made in?

What year was the JC Higgins model number 10116 made in

Where can you get parts for a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 101.1 shotgun?

Stevens made jc Higgins shotguns ,the model 311 interchanges with the jc Higgins

What years were JC Higgins model 101 13 made?

when was this model made and what is the value of one

What is the value of a JC Higgins model 1011?

The Higgins 101.1 was made by Savage as a Model 94. It's only value is as a shooter.

What is the age of a J.C. Higgins 12 gauge Model 101.1?

When was the J.C. Higgins Model 101.0 12Gauge Shotgun Made

Who made the j c Higgins model 29 rifle in 22 cal?

AnswerJ.C Higgins Model 29 was manufactured for Sears by Hi Standard:Not all J C Higgins were made by Hi Standard, but this model was.Marlin, Winchester, Browning and Savage also made guns for Sears.

What year did they make the JC Higgins model 30?

The JC Higgins Model 30 was made by High Standard for Sears from 1950-1953.

What years was the J C Higgins Sears model 103 228 22 cal rifle made?

The j.c. higgins model 103.228 was made in the early 1950s. Most likely in 1950 as the 103.229 model was made in 1951.

Who made jc Higgins model 583.20 and what year was it made?

I beleive 1947

Which company made the JC Higgins 12 Gauge Bolt action Model 5834 shotgun?

what is the value of the jc Higgins model 5834 today

Where can you find manuals for the JC Higgins lever action Model 45 and 12 gauge Model 66?

The JC Higgins Model 45 was made by Marlin and is basically the same gun as the Model 336. Manuals are availabe from Marlin Firearms. The JC Higgins Model 66 was made by High Standard and is out of production. I have a manual scanned, and can email it to you.

What year was your JC Higgins Model 583.7 made?

The JC Higgins 583.7 bolt action shotgun was made in late 1946 of early 1947.

What year was the JC Higgins model 66 made?


Springfield armory model 1903 3006 caliber the serial numbers 1438477 when was it made?

1934-1935 They were on limited production.

Who Manufactured JC Higgins 12 gauge shotgun Model 102.25?

It is a Stevens Model 250A, made by them for Sears, using the Sears J.C. Higgins trade name.

J C Higgins model 36 with 4 field scope who made it?

J C Higgins /Sears High standard

What year was the JC Higgins model 10116 with a plastic stock made?


What year were JC Higgins model 103.181 made?

1953 t0 1956

When was the jc Higgins model 45 30-30 made?


Who made the Model 101.750 for JC Higgins?

This would be a Savage model 38A or 58A or Savage-Springfield 18.41.