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savage model 340As far as I know the Savage mod. 340 was released in 1947 and sloght improvements made each couple of years until the mid- 1970's. chilla67

According to Fjelstad, it was made 1950 to 1985. Wold also indicates a carbine version was made for a brief period of time, but I have never been able to validate this.

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Q: What year was the Savage Model 340 made?
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What year was savage model 340 A 30-30-made?


When was the savage arms model 340 series e made?

The savage model 340 series was made between the years 1950-1985.

What is the age of a Savage Arms model?

340.The Savage Arms model 340 was made between the years 1950-1985.The model 340C was made from 1952-1960.The model 340V was made in the 1960,s.

How old is your savage model 340 series E?

The Savage model 340 was made from 1950-1985,while the Savage model 340C,and 340S deluxe were made from 1952-1960.Yours could also be made during this time span.

When was the savage 340b made?

I show in my records that savage made a model 340 and a model 340c.The model 340 was made between the years 1950-1985.The model 340C was made between the years 1952-1960.There was also a model 340V which was made in the late 1960,s.The model 340S was made between 1952-1960.

Who made the coast to coast 222 rifle?

Savage (Stevens) Model 340

What is date of manufacture of savage model 340?

Without a serial number,I can only say that the savage model 340 was made from 1950-1985.If you would include the type of sights,barrel,barrel length,and stock design It would better help me in deciding with in which years your savage model 340 was produced.

When was the Savage 30 30 model 840 made?

Could you mean the model 340,not 840?If this is the case,the model 340 was made from 1950-1985,the model 340C was made from 1952-1960,and the model 340V was made in the late 1960,s.The model 340S was made from 1952-1960 also.

What company made the western field model 712 bolt action 30-30?

It is tough without seeing it but my first guess would be that it was made by Savage Arms and is a Savage model 340.

Who made the sears and roebuck model 101.53521 30-30 cal bolt action rifle?

Savage. It is their model 340.

What is the model 340 222 worth?

savage arms

Where do I find a scope mount for the cal.222 model 225 made by revelation?

I'd start with Amazon. Your rifle is a Savage model 340, and if you search for Savage 340 scope mount, you will get a lot of hits. The mount and a set of rings is about $53.98. Shoot safe and often.

What is the value of a 340 savage 222 from 1950?

The average savage model 340 is currently valued at between 100-200 dollars depending on the condition of your firearm.

What year was a Benjamin model 340 sereal number T35593 made?

It was made in 1969

What is the value of a 30 30 Savage Model 840 made in Westfield Massachusetts?

If we are talking about a savage model 340,not 840 rifle.Then the price ranges from 80-190 dollars depending on overall condition,and a good bore.

Selling value for savage model 340?

50-275 USD or so

What brand made the Revelation Model 225 series e 30 30 bolt action?

I believe your rifle is a Savage Model 340, made under the Western Auto house brand of Revelation.

How can you find a clip for a 30-30 Revelation Model 225 bolt action rifle?

-- Savage 340 as made for Western Auto -- We have new magazines for that model.

What is the age of a proof tested 30-30 Savage Model 340 made in Chicopee Falls with no visible serial number?

Made between 1950-1960.

What is the value of a savage model 340?

50-275 dollars,depending on overall condition,and a good bore.

How many bullets will a savage model 340 3030 bolt action clip hold?

3 - Three

Who made the model 712 Westernfield 222 Remington it is a great varmint rifle and you need another clip GS Wenatchee?

This is the same as the Savage 340 and magazines are interchangeable.

What year did Savage make the 340-C222 caliber rifle that was produced in Chicopee Falls MA?

The 340 was made from 1950-1985. The 340C, I believe, was 60's. If it does not have a serial number, it is pre 1968.

Where can you find a magazine clip for a Savage model 842 30-30?

A Savage model 340 3-round 30-30 magazine will work for the 842. Check with Numrich-----845-679-2417

Value of savage model 340 series E 22 hornet bolt action clip?

$250 - $300