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1912 to 1932.

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Q: What year was the Steven Arms Model 235 made?
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What is the age and value of a 22 caliber Savage Arms Model 73y rifle?

What year was the steven savage model 125 made

What year was a J Stevens Arms company Model 94b made?

j stevens arms company modle 94b what year made

What is the last year that Savage Arms made a model 99?

1997/98 time frame.

What year was Stevens 410 model 59A made?

The stevens model 59A was made by savage arms from 1937-1967.I am afraid that this is the best I can do with the info available.

What is the value of a savage arms corporation 12 gauge model 620 shotgun?

what year was model 620- serial# 11240 made

What year was the JStevens Arms Company Model 235 double-barrel shotgun made?

The JStevens Arms Company Model 235 double-barrel shotgun was made from 1912 to 1932. However, there were no guns made by the company from 1916 until 1920.

What is the age of a Savage Arms model 99E serial number 1056602?

Your Savage model 99E was made from 1960-1982 by Savage arms company.As to the exact year of production,you will have to contact Savage directly.

What year was the 16 gauge shotgun made by volunteer arms co with model number 235659?

60-100 years

What year was the lake field model 93M 22 WMR 22 magnum rifle manufactured?

It was made by savage arms of Canada

What year was the Springfield Arms Co model 50 'Springfield Jr ' 22 rifle made?

1928 to 1933 I have a Springfield arms model 50 Jr. and it needs a new bolt. Where could I find one? I also would like to know when this gun was made.

What year was frigidaire model MFU20F3GW6 made in?

what year was frigidaire model FRT21TNCDO made

When was Stevens model 9478 serial number C999217 made 12 gauge?

The Stevens model 9478 was made from 1978-1985.for a exact year of production,you will need to contact Savage Arms Company who made the Stevens line of shotguns.

When was Savage Arms model 775A serial number 234884 produced?

I can say that the Savage model 775 was made from 1950-1965.You may want to try Savage Arms companys home page and see if you can get a certain year of production by your serial number.

What year was a 300 savage sn 394938 made?

If the gun chambered in 300 savage caliber is a savage model 99 then the rifle was made in 1940 by savage arms company.

What is the year of manufacture of a double barrel shotgun marked J Stevens Arms Company Model 335 Serial No A5096?

The Model 335 was made from 1912 to 1931. I know of no serial number breakdown by year.

When is the manufacture date of savage arms 300 savage serial 367724?

Your Savage was made in the year 1937 if you have a model 99 lever action rifle.

When did savage arms stop making the model 24?

The last savage model 24(the predator model) was discontinued in the year 2007.

What year was Kenmore Model 1231 sewing machine made?

what year was kenmore model 1231 made

What year was a Savage Arms model 3 B made in Utica NY?

If you are refering to the 22 cal ss bolt action it was made between 1933 and 1952according to my "Gunlist Pricebook"

Stevens arms and tool co double barrel hammer type 12 gauge shotgun Model 235 serial 64329 Do you know what year this was made?

Your Stevens model 235 was made between the years 1912-1916.This is when the Name Stevens arms and tool Co was changed to Stevens arms Co.The model 235 was made from 1912-1935.So the years listed fit into both the name and manufacturing time frame that your shotgun was produced.I hope that you find this informative.

What year is a Stevens savage arms 410 shot gun model9478?

I can say that the stevens model 9478 shotgun was made during the years 1978-1985.

What year was the Savage arms lever action 303 Model 1893 Serial 15153 made?

With the serial number that you have provided,you actually have a very Early made model 1899 Savage rifle chambered in 303 Savage.The serial number indicates that your rifle was made in the year 1900.The first model chambered in 303 Savage was the model 1895,but Savage only made 6000 rifles from 1895-1899.Your serial number precludes this model.They did not make a model 1893 rifle.

What year was Montgomery ward western field model 60-sb620-a shotguns manufactured?

Your shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards by the Savage arms Company.The Savage Model 620A and your Model 60-sb620 are the same shotgun.These Savage model 620A shotguns were made from 1926-1945.There were 66,500 shotguns made during this time span.

What year was the savage arms 487T produced?

I would contact Savage arms on there web site for info on your savage model 487T.

How old is Winchester 22-Long Hartford Arms model 90 Serial number 697589 A?

Your serial number indicates that you Winchester model 1890 .22 cal rifle was made in the year 1926.