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The Arcade was made in 2005

The Elite was made in 2009

The New Xbox Slim was made in 2010

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What year was the x box made?

Xbox - 2001. Xbox 360 - 2005.

What year was the xbox 360 made?


When was the xbox 360 made what year?

November 2005.

What year was the xbox elite made?

they were released April 29, 2007

What year was the xbox Kinect made?

It was out November 4th 2010. So it was being made in 2009- 2010.

What day and year was Halo 2 made on?

If by "made" you mean released, then it was on November 9, 2004 for the Xbox.

Was the game crackdown made for Xbox?

No, but it was made for the xbox 360.

How much money did the Xbox make for Microsoft?

In the fiscal year ending in July, Microsoft made $426 million on $8.1 billion in revenue on the XBox 360.

Is the Xbox 360 made by Microsoft?

Yes, Xbox 360 is made by Microsft.

Can Wii play Xbox live?

No, Xbox Live was created for only Xbox and Xbox 360/Xbox 360 S systems. Plus, the Wii was made by Nintendo while the Xbox systems was made by Microsoft.

What game consoles have Microsoft made?

Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One

When was Xbox live made?

i think it was made some time after the original Xbox came out

What companies make Xbox and PlayStation?

PlayStation is made by Sony and Xbox is made by Microsoft.

What year did the xbox 360 come out in stores?

The Xbox 360 came out in stores in the year of 2005.

Who built the first xbox?

The Xbox is made by Microsoft

Who made games for Xbox?

The Xbox was manufactured by Microsoft.

Why cant the Xbox Controller work on Xbox classic?

the xbox original was made before the xbox 360

What was made first xbox 360 or wii?

Xbox 360 came first on November 22, 2005. The Wii came almost a year later on November 19, 2006

What year did the Xbox come out?

The original xbox was released in 2001 The Xbox 360 was released in 2005

Can you play Xbox games on the ps2?

No, Xbox is made by Microsoft, while the PS2 was made by Sony.

Who made up Xbox 360's?

Microsoft made up the Xbox 360.

Do Xbox 360 arcade cables work with the Xbox 360?

Yes. it depends on the year make of the model. the old arcade as a power plug that clips into the xbox instead of sliding in. which is much better but it overheated due to it was made of metal

How has an Xbox improved there technology?

yes they made the xbox elite

Does Xbox 360 controllers work on the Xbox?

No because the Xbox 360 was made after the Xbox so the electronic's aren't the same. :/

Who was Xbox made by?

The Xbox (R) and Xbox 360 (R), were created, and sold by Microsoft corporation.