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Q: What year was the black Rhinoceros declared endangered?
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How many black rhino's are left in the world?

Black rhinos are a species of rhinoceros native of Africa, from countries as South Africa and Tanzania. They are one of the most endangered species of the world, in fact, a black rhino subspecies was declared extinct in the year 2011. By the year 2014, it's calculated that the total worldwide population of this species is of only 5,055.

How did the timber wolf become endangered?

It was declared endangered in the state Wisconsin in the year 1975.

What year was the black bear listed on the endangered species act?

If you mean the American black bear, it is not an endangered species. The Asiatic black bear is threatened, however.

A life cycle of a rhinoceros can you give me a breef sketch of a rhinoceros?

The life cycle of a black rhinoceros, in particular, starts when the sperm fertilizes the egg. Gestation period then begins and then lasts for about 15 months. The mother nurses the child for one year. When the baby rhinoceros is ready to eat solid food, the mother also teaches him how to defend himself and lets him go when she thinks he is ready. This usually happens during the 3rd and 4th year of life. The life expectancy of a black rhinoceros is 30-35 years in the wild and 40-45 years in captivity.

what year did the black panther become endangered?

The black panther is not a separate species. It is either a melanistic (black) morph of the leopard or of the jaguar. Neither species, overall, is considered endangered although some subspecies or local populations are.

What is the year of the rhinoceros?

The Year of the Rhinoceros is a novel that was published in 2009 by Michael Neff. It is about the Hill hearings that occurred in Washington, DC.

What year was the Black Panther issued endangered?

Since the" black panther" is only a color phase of the leopard or jaguar, it cannot be classified at all. The leopard for the most part is in no serious trouble, some races are threatened, and the jaguar has managed to stay off the endangered lists. The Amur leopard is listed as critically endangered.

What year was the zebra announced endangered?

The Mountain Zebra was announced endangered in the year 1996.

What year did the panda become endangered?

The first year the panda became endangered was in 1973

What year did the endangered species become endangered?

Different creatures become endangered, or not, at different times.

What year did butterflies come in endangered?

Only a few species of butterflies are endangered. Which species are you asking about? Each year additional butterflies are added to the endangered list.

What year did the chimps get endangered?

The chimp was assessed as endangered in 2008.

What year did peacocks become endangered?

Peacocks and peahens are not endangered.

What pope declared 2000 a Jubilee Year?

Pope John XIIII declared the 2000 Jubilee Year.

What year did aye-ayes become endangered?

The aye-ayes were classifed endangered in the year 2000.

When did dolphins become endangered?

Dolphins become endangered every year !

Are cheetahs threatened or endangered?

Cheetahs are endangered, since the year 2000!

What year was Henry VIII declared 'Defender of the faith'?

Henry the 8th was declared 'defender of the faith' in the year of 1533.

When H.S 1st year result will be declared?

it will be declared today at 1pm

What year did sea otters become endangered?

They ar.e not on the endangered species list

What year were blue whales endangered?

In 1966, the blue whales were starting to get endangered.

What year was the Sumatran tiger endangered?

The Sumatran Tiger was classfied as endangered in 1987.

When was maharashtra ssc results declared?

The results were declared on 6th June. Last year they were declared on 17th june.

When did the black rhino become extinct?

The Western Black Rhino, according to CNN's website, went extinct in mid to late 2013. The article saying that they were officially declared extinct was posted on November 6th of that year.

When will the 1 st year btech supply results declared?

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