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The Berlin Olympics were the first to be televised in 1936. However, the games weren't televised in the US until 1960 (CBS).

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2009-05-11 05:35:01
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Q: What year was the first olympic games broadcast on television?
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When did television have sound?

When television became first available in the 1930's it was broadcast with sound. One of the first broadcasts was from the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.

What TV network was the first to broadcast NFL games?


When were the Olympic games first aired on television?

CBS aired the first televised Summer Olympic games in 1960. The answer is 1960.

Which was the first Olympics to be televised?

The 1936 Berlin Olympics was the first to have a live telecast but only throughout Berlin and Potsdam, Germany. the first Olympic Games to be viewed worldwide was the 1960 Rome Olympics when CBS acquired the broadcast rights to cover the Games. in the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, it became the first television program to televise across the Pacific ocean using a communication satellite.

Where were the first Olympic games to be on tv?

The first televised Olympics were in Berlin in 1936.

What does the channel Starz TV broadcast?

Starz TV broadcast is American premium cable and satellite TV channels. Starz broadcast lots of movies and also one of the first to do television series. Scent of A Woman and the crying games where one of the first to be aired.

What year were the first Olympic Games on television?

1936 Berlin Olympics

Which was the first sports event to be telecasted live on television?

The 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin

When was the first TV developed?

The first regular television broadcasts began in German in 1929. The 1936 Olympic games were broadcast by television stations in Berlin and Leipzig. Television was demonstrated in America at the 1939 New York Worlds Fair. However, large scale commercial development of television was delayed by the Great Depression and World War 2.

What first US television net work to cover the olympic games and in what year was it covered?


When was soccer first broadcasted live on TV?

1936, olympic games, but (I suppose) not the whole match

What is used to broadcast the Olympic games?

you can enjoy the Olympics games with television. you can go to NBC, there`s pretty awesome. but i don´t guaratee you can watch all the sports. you can always try YOUTUBE. watch them , it´ll be fun.The Helper

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