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What year was the iron plow invented?

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The iron plow was invented in the Zhou Dynasty. The farmers back then, bought iron plows and hooked them on to the farmers horses. Then the farmers had the horses pull the plow and them. The iron plow was invented between 1000 and 1028 BC.

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Who invented the first iron plow?

the first iron plow was invented by apple

Who invented the chilled plow?

James Oliver invented the chilled iron plow.

Who invented iron plow?

Cyrus McCormickNope Cyrus McCormick invented the reaping machine, and Wood invented the iron plow.

Where was the iron plow invented?


Who invented the chilled iron plow?

James oliver

In Ancient India who invented the iron plow?

The Aryans

Who invented the cast-iron plow?

john deere

Who invented the iron plow early china?

ye ki hoyo

What year was the disk plow invented?


What Year the steel plow was invented?


Was the heavy plow invented in medieval times?

yes, the heavy plow was invented in the year 600 during the middle ages!

What year was the cast steel plow invented?


Who invented the steel plow when was the steel plow invented?

John deere invented the steel plow in 1837

When was the lightweight plow invented?

When was the lightweight plow invented?

What is the difference between an iron plow and a steel plow?

Type your answer here... Steel plow is tempered and Iron Plow is pour / casted.

What year was the riding plow invented in by john Deere?


Who invented the V-plow?

john plow

Definition for iron plow?

an iron plow is a farming tool that was used in India

What does the steel plow do?

The steel plow breaks up tough soil without the soil getting stuck to it. John Deere invented the steel plow because farmers in the Midwest could not use the cast-iron plow because they kept breaking. The Midwest soil was unlike the Northeast soil, and the cast-iron plow was made for the Northeast farmers to use.

When was the seeder plow invented by the Mesopotamians exactly what year?

1973. They invented it while on tour in Iowa.

What year was the ox plow invented?

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What did the aryans invent besides the iron plow and cattle money?

they invented many items that were used to plant

When John Deere invented his first plow were was he?

He invented the steel plow in 1837.

What year was the plow invented?

it was invented on 1769.i think... Uh well actually it was invented in 6000 B.C by the Sumerians.Actually it was invented in 1837

Who invented the 6 bottom plow?

There really was no inventor of the 6-bottom plow. The six-bottom plow was a modification to the plow (invented by Charles Newbold in 1797) after tractors were invented to pull larger plows.