Iron Man (superhero)

Created by Stan Lee, Iron Man first appeared in March 1963. Iron Man is based on an ingenious billionaire in the weapons industry. He created the suit after being kidnapped and suffering a near fatal injury. Parts of the suit helped him to survive and escape. Through the years, it has been modified with various weapons and features to help him fight against terrorism and other evils.

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The Incredible Hulk
Who Would Win
Iron Man (superhero)

Who would win in a fight between iron man and the hulk?

  • Well, it depends which Hulk Bruce Banner is. The most powerful Hulk is the Devil Hulk, but Bruce doesn't use that personality at all. The World War Hulk version of Hulk did beat the most powerful armor Iron Man had, even though Hulk got nuked and got yelled at by Black Bolt. However, other versions of the Hulk aren't as strong as Iron Man. Some are smart, like Professor Hulk, or even smarter but weaker, such as Joe Fixit, but I am pretty sure Hulk would kill Iron Man.
  • Overall, the only people who I think would beat even the weakest version of the Hulk are a beserker Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Thor, Black Bolt, Professor X, Thing, and possibly Human Torch if he used his nova flame and even maybe Iceman if he used his cold equivalent of nova flame.

Topmeat here. The original Hulk whould have beat Iron Man (after a good showing of course) Silver Surfer could beat Hulk very easly. People under estimate the Surfer for some reason, the guy puts out stars for heavens sake! Not wolverine, Thor yes, not Black Bolt Prof X yes (knocks him out with mind blocks) not the Thing and not the Torch.

Who Would Win
Iron Man (superhero)
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Who would win human torch vs ironman?

ironman... Only if he wore fire protective armor.

-The most recent time (and only time) I recall them fighting is in the middle of the Marvel Civil War in the final battle. Iron Man defeated him in a matter of seconds.

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Iron Man (superhero)

What is iron man's weakness in the movie?

Shrapnel reaching his heart in the first movie, and paladium in his heart (from his micro arc reactor in his chest) poisoned him and killing him, in Iron-Man 2.

Iron Man (superhero)

Iron man notes for viola?

B DD EE GF sharp GF sharp GF sharp DD EE that's all i know

Iron Man (superhero)

What color are Iron Man eyes?

Iron Man's eyes are blue, but Tony Starks eyes are brown.

Iron Man (superhero)

How do you unlock extremis armor in Iron Man 2?

Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence
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Iron Man (superhero)

If an abusive man is in therapy is it safe to stay with him or is leaving better?

The best reconciliation information I have read, says to separate while the process is going on. Then, you each can become the best person while apart and begin the relationship again on equal footing. That is, if his actions reflect a change in behavior. Move back in/marry with caution (leave yourself an out), because success is rare.

Therapy is a long process and with no guaranteed results. If you do not feel safe with him - leave. Sometimes therapy makes things worse before it makes things better.

I am still wearing makeup today to cover my black eye and the gruesome bite mark on my arm from my so called fiance.

Your question in one I have recently asked myself on how I plan to proceed with addressing his fit of violence.

He too will be seeking intensive counseling, (an I will too).

I cant help but to argue with myself.

Just because he admits he has some serious issues to deal with.

Does not mean he is all better because of his epiphany.

The tools to continue living together free of violence are not established.

Therefore I am going to tell you what I am going to do.

I need to see some improvement or in laymans terms Proof he has found alternative to vent his frustation in anger in non-violent manners.

and until then I need safety and security for me and my daughter.

I know it is eaiser to say than do, even I dont have a pile of cash to move much less for 1st and last months rent.

but you have to thing of when he was hurting you, remember how you asked yourself is this the end, and how bad you wanted it to stop.

talk to your friends, your family, and ask them to put you up for a while.

In my opinion I say leaving is better for right now!

FOR GOD'S SAKE LEAVE, I have learned there is no change for the abusive man. He will be OK for a while until you trust him again and then he will try to put you back under his thumb. Get out and get you emotionally healthy and don't worry about how he feels. LOVE YOURSELF.

"If an abusive man is in therapy is it safe to stay with him or is leaving better?"

I don't know. I think many factors must be considered along with keeping in mind the therapy is for him as he is the abuser not you the vicitm so I wouldn't get so caught up with what he needs to do to heal himself but more so what you the vicitm needs to do to heal yourself. I agree with the poster above that what is most important is that you love yourself first and allow your feelings of self-love to guide your decision on whether you stay with a man that has abused you even if he is in therapy.

Best wishes for the future...

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Iron Man (superhero)

What is the name of the song Iron Man's Dj plays at his birthday party?

He plays "California Love" by 2Pac and Dr. Dre but also plays the mix Queen/Daft Punk "We Will Rock You" and an AC/DC song

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Iron Man (superhero)

Who invented iron plow?

Cyrus McCormick

Nope Cyrus McCormick invented the reaping machine, and Wood invented the iron plow.

Iron Man (superhero)

How long has iron man been around?

The idea and concept for iron man has been around for decades, but the movie has only been around for a few years and is very popular among teenagers of all ages.

Iron Man first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39, which was published in March 1963 making Iron Man 49 years old as of March 2012.

Iron Man (superhero)

Is Captain America stronger than iron man?

Of course he is. Captain America gets his strength from a mutation that he endured. Ironman's strength lies in his suit. As soon as Ironman is Tony Stark, he is just another human being with billions of dollars on hand. When Captain America is Steven Rogers, he still has super human strength and super human endurance.

Iron Man (superhero)

What color is iron man eyes?


Iron Man (superhero)

When is Iron Man 3 coming out?

May 3, 2013

Iron Man (superhero)

Who is the avenger in the end of iron man 2?


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Iron Man (superhero)

Who plays Iron Man in the movie 'Iron Man'?

Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man (superhero)

What happens at the end of Iron Man 2?

Iron Man and War Machine defeat Whiplash, Justin Hammer is arrested, and Tony Stark and Pepper Potts declare their love for each other. After the credits SHIELD agent Coulson calls headquarters to inform Nick Fury that he's "found it". The "it' he's referring to is Thor's hammer Mjolnir, which is in the middle of a crater. Then the credits roll and the film ends.

Iron Man (superhero)

Does iron man have a blue and silver suit?


-He in fact does have several suits you may or may not be referring to. He has the Arctic Armor which is an off blue and silver which he wore in Iron Man 318, the Iron Man fantastic four armor which is more of a blue and black, the Iron Man stealth armor which appears in Iron Man #152, or the Patriot Armor which I think makes it's first appearance in the Dark Avengers story line but I may be mistaken.

Iron Man (superhero)

What is Iron Man's real name in the movie Iron Man?

Tony Stark.

Iron Man (superhero)

What was Tony Stark's job before he became Iron Man?

Tony Stark was the CEO/owner of Stark Industries, as well as a playboy if that counts.

Iron Man (superhero)

Who invented the iron man suit?

Tony Stark who is the Iron Man

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Iron Man (superhero)

What is iron man's secret identity?

Tony stark

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Iron Man (superhero)

Who invented the metal plow?

John Deere

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Iron Man (superhero)

What movie first used a liquid man special effect?

I believe it was Terminator 2 - certainly that was the first with a totally realistic effect.


Restricted to liquid "man", I would agree with T2 (1991) as the answer. However, I believe the liquid "being" effect was pioneered in 1989 in "The Abyss" when a deep-sea intelligence took on the form of a conduit (or large worm if you prefer) using sea water. The effect was remarkable for the time, especially when the life form copied the facial appearance and expressions of the character portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Not as remarkable as T2, but a great beginning.


Iron Man (superhero)

What was the car Tony Stark drove in iron man?

in the first it was and Audi r8 v10 4.2 fsi quattro and in the second it was the Audi r8 v10 spyder

Iron Man (superhero)

What is Tony stark's company name in the iron man movie?

stark industries


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