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Q: What year was the mongoose XR-75 bike released?
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Is a Hoffman's bike better than a mongoose bike?

Well it depends on the year of the bike and what you are looking for. Older Mongoose ( pre-2000) were decent bikes. Now they arent that good so no doubt Hoffman is the better bike.

Is gt a good bike brand?

Hyper bikes are better than mongoose bikes. If you are specifically asking about the hyper bike at Walmart. Yes, it is better than any mongoose! The weight is still a bit heavy. However it's a great starter bike for bmx! If your not sure your gonna like it or not. After a year we moved the kids up to redlines. If your looking for a bike for around town I would still recommend it over the mongoose!

You have an xr75 serial number xr751542772 you would like to know the year of it please?

I am Service Manager at a Honda Motorcycle Delaership. You have a 1978 XR75. Frame VIN number will be XR75-1500003- and up. The Engine number will be XR75E-1500001- and up. It Originally came painted Tahitian Red.The "XR" Decal is Blue, "75" is White. Front number plate and handlebar grips are red. Front fork legs are Silver w/Black hubs. This was the last year of the XR75. It was produced from 1973-1978. This was Honda's First 4-stroke actual Dirtbike. The Very first in the "XR" series, it had tons of power and reved to 10,500 RPM. Hope this info helps. Jeff Vladika

How many litters can a mongoose have per year?

well according to my calculations, the mongoose can have at least 5

What was the life in 1980 like?

I lived in Madison, Wisconsin during this year. I was a 7th grader and enjoyed being outdoors on my Mongoose BMX bike. I had come to live in the USA from England, life was most enjoyable.

How old is mina mongoose?

1 year old

How much is a 96 Mongoose Crossway 650 worth?

... stupid answer: Whatever somebody is willing to pay ... What is the condition? A full bike or just a frame? I have several new old stock frames and hope I get 20 USD for them. A calculation could be 20 % the first year, after that 10 % per year ... not much!

What year is the suzuki rm80 dirt bike with the VIN number js1rd14a5t2100425?

Your bike's year of production is 1996.

Which bike has got bike of the year 2010?

Bianchi C2C Infinito

How can you tell what year your dirt bike is?

I have a ktm dirt bike trying to find out the year the number is ktm8701*45853*

What year is this Yamaha dirt bike with serial number JYACB04C12A002523?

The 10th digit is the year code. This bike is a 2002.

What year was the modern bike made?

the modern bike was introduced in the 19th century