What year was the song 'Words' from the Tremeloes produced?

The Tremeloes are a British beat group from Dagenham, Essex. Hit singles 1963 "Twist and Shout" 1963 "Do You Love Me" 1963 "I Can Dance" 1964 "Candy Man" 1964 "Someone Someone" 1964 "Twelve Steps to Love" 1965 "Three Bells" 1965 "I Want Candy" 1967 "Here Comes My Baby" 1967 "Silence is Golden" 1967 "Even the Bad Times Are Good" 1967 "Be Mine" 1968 "Suddenly You Love Me" 1968 "Helule Helule" 1968 "My Little Lady" 1968 "I Shall Be Released" 1969 "Hello World" 1969 "(Call Me) Number One" 1970 "By the Way" 1970 "Me and My Life" 1971 "Hello Buddy"