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What year was the tv and computer invented?


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May 07, 2011 9:10AM

Many types of TV were invented:

  1. Electromechanical TV was invented and patented in 1884, but not built.
  2. In 1907 development of vacuum tube amplifiers began to make TV practical.
  3. In 1911 a crude TV system was built with mechanical image scanner and electronic CRT display.
  4. In 1925 several inventors demonstrated TV systems capable of showing static displays.
  5. The first demonstration of electromechanical TV was in 1926, it had moving pictures but only 30 horizontals lines of resolution.
  6. Much work was done through the 1020s and 1930s on both electromechanical and electronic systems.
  7. In 1939 RCA unveiled their new electronic TV in 5 models at the World's Fair.
  8. WW2 interrupted work on TVs and they did not reappear until 1947.

Computers were developed in the 1940s, none of them used CRT displays (although some of the early 1950s machines used CRT memories to provide 500 to 2000 words of DRAM). CRT displays did not appear on computers until the mid to late 1950s and those were all "random dot or vector" analog displays as the computers were too slow to update video.